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I am asked A LOT of interesting questions by readers. Sometimes they’re personal and sometimes they’re about my books, but I’d say at least half of all questions are asked by young writers seeking advice about, well, writing.

And I totally get it! The writing itself can seem like a pretty mysterious process. Add in editing and agents and beta readers and all the different kinds of publishing available now and parents and friends who might not take you seriously and juggling schoolwork and a social life with your writing, and I can see where it could be overwhelming.

Which is why I’ll be launching an eight-week series on this blog geared specifically to young writers. There is no fee and no specific participation required. I’m just going to impart what wisdom I can about this crazy process and its equally crazy business in the hopes that it might help and encourage all the young writers I here from on a daily basis. You can also ask questions in the Comments section, and I will do my best to answer every one. Consider it my gift to you!


So starting next Monday March 2nd, you can visit this blog and check out topics ranging from what you can do now to prepare yourself for a writing career to the merit of agents and editors to what to do if your friends and family don’t support your passion for writing. I can’t promise to solve all your writing-related problems, but I can definitely give you some info that might help you along the way. Readers of any age are welcome, but I’ll be focusing on issues pertaining to teens and college-age writers. Topics will break down as follows;

Week One; What You Can Do Now (Prepping for a Writing Career)

Week Two; Self-Editing, a Checklist

Week Three; Paths to Publication (Traditional Publishing, Boutique Publishing, and Self-Publishing)

Week Four; A Word AboutĀ Outside Advice

Week Five; How Do I Sell My Book?Ā (A Step-by-Step Walk Through the Process)

Week Six; Agents and Editors (What They Do and Why We Need Them)

Week Seven;Ā Keeping the Balls in the Air (How to Juggle School, Social Life, and Writing)

Week Eight; Rowing Your Own BoatĀ (What To Do If the People Around You Donā€™t Take You Seriously)

Other than my family, writing is the love of my life. I’m super excited to talk with all my young readers about it, and equally excited to hear your thoughts.

I also want to point out the links to my other social networking sites on my sidebar. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr (I don’t always post the same stuff on each site)!

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