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So I’ve decided to post about what’s going on in my life, writing and otherwise, on Wednesdays. I always assume details of my life are boring for others, but a lot of the feedback I got when I asked what you guys wanted to see on the blog was along the lines of “what you’re doing” and “what’s going on in your life.”

I used to do this a lot, but after awhile, I just felt narcissistic. I’ll try to get past it!

The last few weeks have been a nightmare in terms of scheduling. I’m an organizer. It’s the only way I can manage everything in my life plus single mother four teenagers and not feel like everything’s spiraling out of control. So last fall, when I had a hefty line up of projects, I penciled them neatly into my work schedule and knew I could do it.

For the sake of confidentiality (because I’m not allowed to talk about all of them), let’s call the projects Novellas 1, 2, and 3, Book/TV/Film Project, 2013 Book, and Option Projects (of which there are three).

I figured I’d take care of the novellas last fall, edit the 2013 book in January, work on the Book/TV/Film Project in February, and have spring and summer to prepare my option projects (for those of you who are wondering, publishing contracts typically include the books being purchased by the publisher plus a clause that says that publisher has the right to look at and the option to offer on your next book before you show it to any one else).

Ha! Hahahahahahaha!

This, of course, was all based on my persistent denial of the pace at which things move in publishing (described by one writing friend as “glacial”).

But then it took awhile to work out details for the novellas and it took awhile for the contractual stuff to get worked out on the Book/TV/Film Project and it took awhile to get my revision letter on the 2013 book.

All of which means I’ve written two novellas in three weeks and edited all three simultaneously, have exactly nine days to write my 100-page sample for the Book/TV/Film Project (which is, at least, thoroughly outlined), and have 3 weeks during all of this to finish revisions on my 2013 book. Then, I’ll have to hurry and prepare proposals on the three projects I’m considering as my option books.

Needless to say, it’s a little hairy around here. I’m trying not to panic, but some days it’s easier than others.To add to the fun, we’re doing college prep for Rebekah (who leaves in August) and my divorce is officially under way (which is well overdue since my soon-to-be ex-husband moved out four years ago), so I’m sure that will occupy some of my time and energy, too.

I still love what I do and thank the universe daily for the privilege of doing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy, ya know? I’ve been fighting that insidious brand of despair where I just want to hide under the covers in the morning and hide from life.

Alas, that is SO not a possibility. So I’m slogging through it.

On the plus side, I’m super excited about every one of these projects, and even more excited to get to work on my option projects (all three of which are kick-ass). And I have a theory that the universe finds a way to teach the lessons we need to learn (whether we want to or not). If it’s true, I ended up in publishing to teach me to be patient and let go.

It’s a work in progress…

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!



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Here I thought I was busy. As a college student i had 12 week semsters so it was a very fast pace thing. It started in September all the way to March. I had Semster 1,Semster 2 started right away(had a 3 week break for christmas at the 3 week mark of 2nd semster),countined Semtster 2 after the hoildays and that lasted til the first week of March had a March break off then started placement for 5 weeks. Then I was finally done. In between classes. I was at appointments sometimes two in a day and try getting around the city when buses run every 30mins. So yes very hectic. Summer gets busy with appointments just because there are so many even still. Some that I enjoy and some that I don’t.

Oh my goodness, Michelle! As a high school junior struggling to survive in the deep-end of final exams and summatives, my stress pales in comparison XD

Even after putting off blogging during this time, I couldn’t stay away from buying and reading A Temptation of Angels!!! EEEHH!!! Congratulations on having Vivian (yet again) in the state of a 100% melted puddle! (part of the cause is of course Griffin, but that’s not all!) Books have been my constant relaxation drug of choice lately, and I’ve gulped down tons, but your book still captured me like none of the others! I’m only hoping if there’s a future for Helen, because I really don’t want to say goodbye to her yet! (I haven’t said goodbye to Lia yet either; never will!)

Wishing you all the best with that busy schedule! And remember that music will always be an eternal friend that will stay close and comfort you <3


Oh, no! I’m sure you’re under plenty of stress. Hopefully you’ll get some relief soon!

And I’m so, so, so happy you loved TEMPTATION. I love the story and the world so much. I have two companion novels outlined, but I still don’t know if Penguin’s going to pick them up. If you want to drop them a tweet @PenguinTeen and let them know you’d like more, I’d really appreciate it!

Hang in there with all those exams, hon.


Wow that’s some crazy scheduling! I used to be organized but now that I have a 1yr old and 2yr old I feel like time slips away very quickly. It sounds like you have some exciting projects though! So Hooray for that!! I will stalk Penguin and tell them there has to be more Helen and Griffin!! :o)

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