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What You Can Do

Now that A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS has officially released, many of you have approached me to ask what you can do to help.

It means so much to me that so many of you want to support me and my work. Many of you have been with me since Prophecy of the Sisters published in 2009. You have supported me through so much and helped spread the word about my work in a way that has made a true difference in my success.

TEMPTATION is a bit of a departure for me. It’s the first non-Prophecy book I’ve published and also the first book with my new publisher, Penguin/Dial. While it’s still dark and Gothic in style, it’s got a Steampunk edge and a lot more action than Prophecy. I think it’s a dark, sexy read with the same kind of psychological undertones that made Prophecy a cult favorite, and I’m very excited to share it with you.

I welcome your support in any way you can offer it. Purchasing the book – particularly in the first couple of weeks when sales are closely monitored by the publisher – helps tremendously. It tells publishers that there is immediate demand for the book and sometimes increases early print runs and prompts the publisher to increase marketing. If you go to purchase the book and your store doesn’t have it, please take a minute to inquire with the staff. Often, the books haven’t been unpacked yet and are sitting in the back. Having a customer ask will prompt the booksellers to put them on the shelf. If the store doesn’t have it all, special ordering sends a signal to corporate that there is demand for the book.

And I’ll do my part by providing a free bookplate and bookmark (for as long as they last) for each book that you buy.

But buying the book isn’t the only way to help! Requesting it at your library also drives sales (libraries buy tons of books and provide such a tremendous service tot heir communities) as does tweeting about the book or posting a Facebook status about it with links to it at Indiebound, Amazon, B&N, or Book Depository (links make it easy for people to click through). Once you’ve read the book, leaving positive reviews on sites like Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads help other readers feel more comfortable taking a chance on the book.

Writing is my lifelong dream. My lifelong passion. Everything you do to spread the word helps support that dream, and for that, I can never thank you enough. There are many of you that I’ve never met in person, and yet I’ve found that I remember you and think of you as friends. That friendship, more than ANYTHING else, is truly invaluable to me.

Thank you so much for everything you do!

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I am truly happy for you and wish you all the best! Anything that I can do I will. Spreading the word now… Thanks for being such an inspiration to those of us who chose to concentrate on other endeavors in life and started writing later on.

Thank YOU, Sheri. It’s been such a pleasure reading your writing. As someone who only found my way back to it in my late 30s, I absolutely believe that it is never too late. And it is so worth the wait and all the hard work.

I hope you know that I’m in your corner and am I’m rooting for you!

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