Welcome to My Blogging Identity Crisis

So… yeah. The good thing about a detailed blog post title is you can cut to the chase in the post, right?!

As you guys know, I’ve been doing regular features on this blog for some time. We’ve had Movie and Mystery Monday, Song of the Week, Thursday Night Write, and the Friday Poll. Having regular features has made it easier for me to post regularly, because I’m don’t always feel like I have to be uber witty and creative to generate a post when the truth is, sometimes I’m all creatived out from my real job; writing.

That said, some of the blog features get more views than others. And let me clear; I don’t care all that much about views except where it tells me what YOU like to read. For me, this blog is about connecting and sharing information with my readers, not selling books.

But I can’t connect with you if you’re not here, right? And I want you to keep coming back, because, well, I LIKE you!

I really enjoy Song of the Week (in which you nominate songs for me to feature) and the Friday Poll (which allows me to have fun asking you guys questions both silly and serious questions in a poll format), though I suspect I’d be more consistent with the Friday Poll if I scheduled it a head of time (I don’t know abut you, but by Friday, the last thing I want is to be on my computer). Thursday Night Write is hit and miss for me. It started as a way for YOU to share your writing, but after awhile the regulars were too busy to post and I opted to a move to an Anything About Writing format for Thursday. The problem is that sometimes I have something to say about writing, and sometimes all I can think of is, “HALP!” I’ve also experimented with a Things I Love post where I’ve posted everything from gorgeous dresses to books to yoga.

Now, for some reason, I find myself having a little blogging identity crisis. I think I need at least a couple regular features to keep me blogging regularly, because the truth is, being a single mom to four teenagers and writing 3-4 books a year just doesn’t leave me a lot to work with in terms of time, creativity and enthusiasm.

But I also want to make sure you keep coming here to chat, check-in, or even just read and move along. So help me out here! What do YOU like about the blogs you frequent? What are the qualities in a blog that keep you coming back, make you check in every few days, make it part of your regular internet circuit?

Inquiring minds want to know. And if you have any ideas or suggestions for this blog, I’m all ears!



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I actually don’t frequent blogs as much anymore! I believe yours is the only one I always check whenever you post. And I love everything you do. What I did love the most is the Thursday Night Writes and the Things I Love!! To be honest, I love anything with pictures! I love looking at pictures of everything. So maybe you could do a day where you just post a bunch of pictures from your life, maybe things you saw that day, or things you thought about for your books, like dresses, jewelry, actors and actresses you feel would fit your characters, stuff like that!! And the music is simply amazing! Keep doing that!!! I discovered so many new artists through this blog!

Love the picture idea, Jana! I even have a good camera that I don’t use nearly enough, so that’s something I may do regularly.

Thanks for the feedback, hon!


I still go on this blog all the time!!! But sometimes my comments won’t appear on posts, and I’ve also been busy planning for University for the Fall. But I still love this blog!!! It shows how much you care about your fans, there are very few authors who care about there fans as much as you. :):):)

Oh, no! I’m sorry your comments are showing up, RTK. *kicks WordPress*

I’ve missed hearing from you and just assumed you were super busy (probably true!).


Yeah I’ve been busy too, getting ready for school in the Fall and everything. :):):) Computers just don’t like me for some reasons, one time I tried posting something on one of your posts and it took me five or six times before it would actually post!!!

I love the poll on Friday! It’s easy and fun 🙂 I also like your Things I love (I second that pictures rock socks).
But I’ll be super honest–I loved loved LOVED TNW. And I know I quit posting to it, but that’s cuz life got crazy with kids and other projects. But I think it’s a good thing you did for your readers. 🙂 (fun fact: a TNW prompt gave me the idea for the book that I am now (semi-successfully) querying. 🙂 so thanks for that!)

Oh, yay! So happy TNW helped shake loose and idea that you’re having success with. Can’t wait to hear more.

Maybe I should poll everyone about TNW and see if they want me to bring it back… I loved seeing everyone post their writing, even when I didn’t have time to comment.

Thanks for the feedback, Naz!


I enjoyed TNW too! But, you know how things change when contracts come in. o_O One of your picture prompts started a story for me, too.

Loving the picture idea! To help focus that, you could do A Day in the Life kind of post and focus on one day.

Another idea that may or may not prove of interest to the blog at large: your new vegetarian lifestyle and all the recipe links you’ve been posting on FB.

I thought about spending a day a week posting about the vegetarian thing, but I wondered if that’s really of interest to anyone. Lol!

Glad my prompt helped jump start a story. If I bring back TNW, I might have you and Naz give me a little but on how the prompt helped you and what the story ended up becoming for you.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Hi Michelle! I wasn’t aware that you had so many great-sounding features on your blog, I suppose I only check out author’s websites for details on their new books! I’ll be sure to start dropping by more regularly 😉

Mands xox

That makes sense! And I think a lot of people are the same way. I personally don’t have time to visit as many blogs as I’d like, so like you, I end up just checking in when something big is going on. I can totally live with that!

Thanks so much for the feedback.


I think the Thursday Night Writes were a hit in the past because of your commentary. It’s nice when our peers rate us, but I think people really enjoyed your comments. I enjoyed the creative aspic of it anyways. Perhaps if you had writing exercises/writing games, people would respond to that. I can email you some suggestions I did in college, if you like.

I’ve seen others blog about inspirations/everyday heroes. Perhaps you can feature some people that may inspire others to reach their potential.

I like the idea of the song of the week to expose people to new music. Polls are always fun. I think your blog is great. Maybe you just need to spread the word more, find more audience members. A lot of actors on Twitter get more followers by following new people themselves. If you’re feeling like blah, then feel free to express that your blog! It is your blog after all. Overall, I think if you’re enjoying it, other people will too <3

I definitely get that, Dana, but there’s no way I could keep commenting on everyone’s samples. Writing 3-4 books a year is hard enough, but add to that single-parenting four kid, promoting, and LIFE, and I just can’t spare a whole day to do it (which is what it had become). Even with the prompts and games we were doing toward the end, there was very imited participation, so I just resigned myself to the fact that unless I was going to comment the entries, TNW probably wasn’t going to survive.

I’m not too worried about getting new followers. I love my readers and feel fortunate to have a very loyal contingent of “regulars”. I just want to keep the blog interesting for them (you!). New followers will come when they come!


Very understandable. I was one of the few doing TNW so I guess I just missed it!

I love your song of the week feature!! Actually I love the polls too. In completely agree with the random picture idea. Things you see that you like or actors/actresses you like or would cast as character in a book:) Basically I love anything you post tho <3 But song of the week is a must!!

I love SotW, too, Tiff! I’ve found so many great new bands through the reader recommendations. Really loving the picture idea. Maybe it will inspire me to use my camera more!


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