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This week’s Movie Monday features Warrior, an amazing film from 2011 starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as estranged brothers who face off in an MMA championship match.

Now anyone who knows me knows I’m not a sports fan. I’ve tried. I watched my boys play baseball (and watched baseball games with them) and soccer, learned to play golf so I could play with my ex-husband, and attended every one of Caroline’s softball games

And while I love watching my kids do anything – the sport itself? Not so much.

But sports movies are an exception when the character development and human interest part of the story is powerful. Examples for me are The Blind Side (aside from the fact that I spent the whole movie stifling sobs), Invictus, Miracle, and now, this one.

The thing I loved most about this movie was how well it avoided overused tropes of the genre. There was so much depth to the characters and so many gray areas, you never really knew who you were rooting for.

Kind of like life.

It also featured some truly incredible acting on the part of Edgerton, Hardy (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors), and Nick Nolte.

But the coup de grace for this movie was the final scene, to my mind one of the most powerful final scenes in any movie. I’ve posted it below the trailer, but if you’re planning on watching the movie (it’s currently streaming on Netflix), don’t spoil it for yourself!


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Totally agree about how it didn’t overuse any typical dramatic conventions. It was a very heavy movie, but it had enough unique character development and conflict that I was just glued to the screen the entire movie. And I TOTALLY agree that the last scene was so powerful. That’s part of the reason I loved the movie so much, is that the final scene just tied the entire story together so nicely. Really bummed this didn’t get recognized for any Oscars, outside of Nolte’s nod. <3

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