Prophecy of the Sisters

Twitter Giveaway!

So we’ve been making space in the office for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS swag (which we’ll begin distributing in earnest after the holidays) and apparently, I haven’t given away enough stuff yet.

Our shelves are groaning, and Rebekah tells me a MUST give away some books, t-shirts, and did I say BOOKS?

I also happened to notice that I have 3835 Twitter Followers. I’m the first to admit I’m not very active in seeking followers on Twiter or Facebook. For the most part, I assume the people who want to find me will find me. But this seems like an opportunity!

So here’s what we’re going to do; You guys tweet anything with the hashtag #prophecyofthesistersextravaganza (just copy it, it’ll be easier!) as many times as you want. When I reach 4,000 Followers, I’ll enter you to win one of the following prizes;

Prophecy of the Sisters (I’ll give away five of these)
Guardian of the Gate (I’ll give away five of these)
Circle of Fire hardcover (I’ll give away one of these)
One of Five Victorian Guys are Hot t-shirts
Assorted swag

You MUST use the hashtag above or I won’t be able to find your entry(s). I’ll give you one entry for every time you tweet or RT. There will be at least fifteen prizes but quite possibly more depending on how much swag I round up in my office and how I decide to distribute it. You must be following me on Twitter to win.

Unfortunately, this one has to be US and Canada only. 🙁

Good luck!

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I have had the chance to read the Prophecy of the Sisters yet, but A Temptation of Angels is at the top of my list. I can’t wait until it comes out!

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