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Thursday Night Write – Progressive Story #1

I thought it would be fun to try a progressive story for Thursday Night Write.

So here’s the deal; I’ll post the first sentence. You guys jump in with one of your own to follow whichever sentence was posted last in the comments. Try to have your post ready to copy and paste so we don’t get too many cross-posts.

When it’s all done, I’ll post the results! Fun, right?!

Here goes;

It wasn’t the shadows that worried him but the light flickering at the edge of the trees.

Now someone hurry and post the first follow-up sentence!


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He approached the end of the street, not cautiously, but on the defensive.

I just shortened your addition, Erika, to one sentence to make it easier for everyone to add theirs!

He gave what he knew to be his last battle cry, swung his sword, and…woke in his own bed.

That attack had been expected – maybe even deserved; he’d had time to prepare mentally and physically.

His on battle cry rattled through the entirety of his room, but it wasn’t the only sound to be heard that night; from somewhere outside of his bedroom, a scream sounded.

Quickly he checked to make sure his older sister StellaMay hadn’t heard his night terrors – that was the last thing he needed in his baby brother case.

As he looked in the mirror he saw the deep gray eyes of a pale child whose face was gaunt looking back at him. The nightmares had been haunting him for years now.

Fortunatly, all was silent. He turned to his side to stare out his window. He wasn’t really sure if he really did hear a scream, or if it was just a fragment of his imagaination. But there is was again, but this time, it sounded like it was getting louder.

Ryan was semi-conscious when he heard a thud. A thud followed by someone dragging a large haversack, scraping the floor sending shivers down his spine. Whatever it is, Ryan knew that he wasn’t home, and he certainly wished that it was purely just a dream.

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