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Thursday Night Write – Open Mic

Since I’m under a super tight deadline for my next book and heading out with my posse to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn, I thought it would be a good week to do Open Mic.

We haven’t done it in FOREVER!

So how about it NaNoers and all you other writers? Post an excerpt of your original writing — no more than 300 words — for comment. Don’t forget to comment at least one other entry if you post something of your own.

Hope you guys are meeting your word count and having fun!


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I had no time to react before his strong hand was around my neck, his grotesquely beautiful face inches from mine. The flames in his eyes had grown larger, the fire licked out from his eyelids, flickering close to my face, though it wasn’t hot. Instead it was cold; I could feel a bitter wind blowing gently on my face. As I exhaled the ghost of my breath appeared, hanging in the air between us.
“Your ancestor promised me a bride when they gave me life, and they have yet to pay me. I will get a bride, Evelyn, you have my word on that.”
His words sent a shiver through me, I had no doubt he meant what he said. A surge of protectiveness washed through me, there was no way I was going to let him have Callie.
“You can’t have Callie. I won’t let you. She’s too young; she doesn’t deserve to have her life ended because our family was stupid enough to create you.” I spat.
To my surprise he let out a laugh, it was short and harsh, like he had heard this before. “Callyn is not too young, she is a young woman, and capable of making decisions.”
“She’s 7, you sick bastard!”
The hand that was on my neck moved up to my face. He gripped my cheeks, his sharp nails cutting straight through the flesh, the metallic taste of blood exploded on my tongue. I closed my mouth to stop a scream from the agony, when I did I felt three of his nails pushing on my teeth making my stomach roll. My eyes went blurry with tears, though I refused to let them fall and show weakness. I blinked them back and held the Erlking’s enraged stare squarely.
“You do not speak to your king that way, Evelyn,” he said through clenched teeth, “I should cut your tongue out for using foul language.” He emphasized his point by dragging a nail across my tongue, opening up a shallow wound on the sensitive muscle. I fought back the urge to bite his finger with all my strength; I knew the consequences would severely outweigh the satisfaction of hurting him.
“But,” he spoke, “I do not wish to hurt you further.” He extracted his nails from my cheek, forcing a whimper out of my throat. I didn’t dare put my hand up to the gashes on my face. I caught him gazing at my thoughtfully, his obsidian eyes raking over my face and the injuries his inflicted on me. “I could heal those for you,” he told me as he reached out to me.
“No!” I screamed, stumbling back a few steps. Fear coursing through my veins, I grabbed for the dagger I had in my pocket. I pulled it out of its sheath and pointed the blade towards him, “Don’t come any closer,” I warned, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Hey there! I’m typing this via Droid, so it may be short. And I usually do scripts, but since I’m on my phone, it’d be easier to do a story excerpt. Enjoy!

Persophone could hear her heels clicking in an echo that seem to hover amongst the towering buildings. She kept her candle close enough to keep her warm but not close enough to set her cloak on fire. She feels nervous but determined. She spies two tall trees and walks towards them. She can feel her heart pounding in anticipation. Could this be it? Had her aunt been right? Were the answers to everything she had been looking for finally be here?

The two trees merge into a a little nook. Trying to hide her shaking, she reaches in. She reaches around expecting to find only tree roots and soil. She is surprised to feel velvet. She pulls out a small pouch. This was it! But something was wrong. She sets down her candle and reaches inside. Empty.

“It’s not there,” says a deep, unpleasant voice. Dread fills her body. It’s exactly what she feared, and it seems unreal. She turns to see Vladimir standing there smugly. For an aristocrat, he sure dressed like a pirate.”Did you think I wouldn’t find out what you’re up to?” He crept closer to her. She pressed herself against the trees.”Why do you fight fate?”

“What do you want?” Persophone tried to stay brave.

“You know what I want,” he replied.”You will stop resisting me now. It is time to come to my lands and be my bride! Your aunt is waiting for us. If I come back empty handed, she will never leave my castle!”

Persophone knew she didn’t have a choice. There was no escape. She slowly reached out her hand. Vladimir’s eyes reflected all of his greed and pride of this moment. Before her hand reached his, something swooped out of the trees. It was a man her age dressed also like a pirate, yet there was something far more kind and brave about his demeanor. A mask covered his face. Vladimir looked angry. The masked man grabbed Persephone, and before she could make up her mind about what’s going on, the man swung her into the trees to safety.

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