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Thursday Night Write 10/6/2011 + Library Giveaway Winners!

Tonight’s prompt is inspired by the season. And kissing.


But before we get to the TNW rules, I want to announce the winners of the Library Giveaway. I know I said I would give out five sets of the Prophecy Trilogy to five UA and/or Canadian libraries chosen at random, but I’ve made a command decision to give sets of the book to ALL the libraries that were entered.

Our kids need books! And I don’t mess around when it come to kids and books.

It isn’t exactly an Oprah-sized giveaway (I’d do it if I could!), but it’s something I can do.

So if you were a librarian or someone who entered on behalf of of a library, please contact with “Library Winner” in the Subject line. Include the name and address of the library getting the books and a name to whom I can address the package.

Each library will get one complete set of the Prophecy Trilogy. We have two different editions of the first book; the original hardcover (it doesn’t match the other two, but it’s a hardcover so it might be more durable) and the paperback you’re all familiar with. Please specify in your email which edition of the first book you’d like sent to your library in addition to your copies of Guardian of the Gate and Circle of Fire.

I did choose five additional winners from those of you who helped to spread the word about the giveaway. Each of the following Twitter users will receive the Prophecy book of their choice;






Congrats to all! Email your choice of Prophecy book and your mailing address to with “Library Winner” in the Subject line.

Rules for the prompt and Thursday Night Write are as follows; use the above prompt to write whatever comes to mind, giving yourself no more than 30 minutes (no cheating!). Then post no more than 500 words of it for comment. If you leave a piece, you have to comment someone else’s piece. Thems the rules!
This is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Having only 30 minutes doesn’t give you time to overthink, and sometimes that’s just what we writers need to shake things loose. Writers of all ages and experience are welcome to play.

Happy writing! <3

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While I was making something for lunch I heard the doorbell chime. Wiping off my hands I walked through the three rooms it took to get to the front door.
“Coming!” I yelled as I neared. I straightened my shirt, and fixed my hair quick before answering the door with a smile. “Hel-” I stopped when I saw who it was; Phin. “What are you doing here?” I questioned scathingly.
The easy going smile never wavered when he answered back, “Thought you’d want to go for a walk. It’s beautiful outside,” he threw his arms out of either side of him.
I looked at him, reproachfully, narrowing my gaze, “Well you thought wrong.” I tried to close the door but he stuck his foot in the doorway at the last moment. My hand gripped the doorknob tighter as I tried to control my anger. I counted to ten like I usually do then slowly opened the door, “No thank you, Phin,” I told him, “I was just in the middle of making lunch, so I can’t come with.” Well, it was the truth after all.
He watched me with a thoughtful expression on his face, then put up in pointer finger in the gesture of ‘I’ve got an idea!’ I just knew this wasn’t going to be good. “I’ll wait until you’re finished, and then we’ll go,” a triumphant smile grew on his face and in spite of myself I smiled. He really was cute.
“Fine, come in then. Did you want something to eat also?”
“Only if you were planning on making enough for two,”
I looked back at him with a small grin, “I also do,”
After twenty minutes of me cooking and Phin watching me cook lunch was ready, beef tacos and chips and salsa. Delicious.
“Hey,” I asked, “do you want to eat outside on the porch?” My question was met with a breath taking smile from Phin.
When I opened the back door my breath caught in my throat. Phin was right, it was really beautiful out. I live out near the woods, my entire backyard consists of 3 acres of trees, and those trees were just stunning. There were splatters of gold, orange and crimson decorating the land. “Wow,” I whispered, turning to look at Phin, “you were right, it is beautiful out today.”
His topaz eyes sparkled as he smiled at me. “I told you,” he took a few steps closer to me, “but you know what?” His deep voice sent a shiver through my body.
“What?” I whispered, my voice quivering and unstable.
He brought his face within inches of mine, and when he spoke he lips grazed my own, “You’re more beautiful,”
Without thinking I pressed my mouth onto his fiercely, desperately wanting him with so much passion it nearly consumed me.


Melia, with her book bag on her shoulder, walks down the stone path that leads away from her wood lined house. She has a frown on her face, as if she is thinking of something heartbreaking. Suddenly, from behind the maple tree with the falling leaves, Ashton (a handsome boy around her age) pops out in the path in front of her.


Go away, Ashton.

But I missed you!

You didn’t seem to miss me much when you ran off with Olive at that party this weekend.

You said you wanted to be left alone!

So? I wanted a moment to step back and think, and you run off with some other girl?

It wasn’t like that!

It’s better off this way anyways. Dad says I can’t be with a Catholic boy.

It never used to matter. I never cared if you were Jewish. You’re smart, funny, sweet, kind…I don’t deserve a girl like you. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. I-

BECKER (Off Screen):
Melia? That better not be you!

Get down!

Melia tackles Ashton to the ground. Becker sticks his head out of the window. He does not see his daughter, so he goes back inside. Melia realizes she is embracing Ashton.

Melia, I-

Melia interupts him with a kiss. He squeezes her tight and kisses back.

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