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Thursday Night Write 10/13/2011

It’s Thursday and time for another edition of Thursday Night Write.

This week’s TNW is Open Mic, which means you can post an excerpt of your original poem, short story, song, or novel for comment. Just make sure your entry is no longer than 300 words and remember to leave a comment for at least one other participant if you play.

Writers of all ages and experience are welcome!

And speaking of TNW, I wanted to ask you guys how you’re feeling about it. I’ve been hosting it for almost two years, and while I love reading your entries, I’ve noticed participation is falling off a bit. Back when I was able to comment, we sometimes had 75-100 entries, but as my own participation had unavoidably dwindled (I always read the entries but can’t comment anymore), so has everyone else’s.

So let me know what you think in the Comments section, okay? I’d be happy to continue hosting it if there’s interest. If not, we’ll come up with something else that’s fun for Thursdays on the blog.


Happy writing!


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I didn’t know anything was wrong until I heard Flavio shout from the stands.
“Intruder!” he cried, his accented voice high with fear. “Intruder in the arena! Sound the alarm!”
I stretched out a hand and let myself swing until the ropes brushed my fingers. Catching hold, I anchored myself to a stop and then closed both my hands around the bar. I let go with my knees, so that I held on only by my slender fingers. Then I started pumping my legs again, and by the time my momentum had built up, I was back at the platform, feeling its solidity tickle my bare toes.
I did all of this in the space of a dozen heartbeats, nothing more.
“Intruder!” Flavio yelled again, off to my right side now. “We’ve been breached!”
No one was answering or coming to help, but I wasn’t scared. I couldn’t hear anything strange, and what is frightening about silence?
I descended the rope ladder, jumping the last four rungs to the arena floor. I always knew which was the last one I needed to step on by the way it was frayed ever so slightly in the middle, enough for the loose threads to worm between my toes.
At the bottom of the ladder I stood stock still, listening and feeling. There was Flavio only about twenty feet in front of me. I could tell that his squat body was rigid with tension, and I thought he held something heavy in his hands, like a club or a stick.
There was nobody else in the arena, not until I reached out for the doors. And there it was. One of them. A boy this time, not the same raving woman who had showed up the week before and taken a chunk out of Shiri’s arm. I couldn’t tell what this one looked like or what his intentions were, but I did know one thing.
He was looking straight at me.

I love doing these things! I think participation may be down since school started. When I was in school though, I needed to do fun exercises like this to take a break! I hope more people participate!


A hooded figure walks down a cobble stone path. BG-the buildings are uniformly gray and made of wood and slate shingles. People walk in the opposite direction of figure and either gossip with each other or strut smugly. The figure, who turns out to be ARIAL (a young woman with red hair, amber eyes, and porcelain skin). Arial stops at a wooden sign in two directions. One points the way she came and reads “Purgatory” and the other points up a mountain road and reads “Paradiso.” She looks at Paradiso hopefully. A jewel on her hand glows.

No! I thought I had it this time!

Arial turns around and sees the road is empty. She heads back with heavy steps.

Every time I think I’m getting closer, I get called back. I knew that the path to Paradiso would be difficult, I knew there’d be obstacles, but I thought by now that I’d be out of here. I’ve paid my dues, and then some! I have worked so hard, and yet it’s all gone to waste. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get out.

She sees a black cat in her path staring curiously at her with its big, yellow eyes.

But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up! Even if I have to work my whole life-which I hope not. At least I can say I’ve tried. (beat) Oh, why am I talking to you? It’s not like you’d understand my pain!

You think you feel stuck? At least you haven’t changed species!

Arial falls down in shock.

Have I gone crazy? Why are you talking?

I used to live in Paradiso until I strayed of the path and ran into…You’re in great danger!

Me? Well, I probably will be since I’m late for my servitude duties…

You’re getting closer than you think, but if you’re ever going to make it to paradiso, you have to go through…him…


The Red Sorcerer!

Arial looks intrigued.

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