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Three. More. Days.

Ahhhhhh! I can’t believe A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS will be out in just three more days. So very excited to finally be able to share this world and these characters with every one of you.

This week has brought some more AH-mazing reviews for the book, including Booklist who said about Temptation (among other wonderful things);

“Set in a steampunk London, where gas lamps and rudimentary computers share time with corsets, waistcoats, and a bit of magic, this well-paced and delicately detailed story is full of recurring imagery, creeping terror, deftly wrought secondary characters, and slowly building sexual tension that has a gothic romance feel. Caught between light (her fellow Keeper, Griffin) and dark (Ruam, a childhood friend who turns out to be much more dangerous than she could ever imagine), Helen must make a choice
and learn that love and sacrifice cannot be separated.” β€” Charli Osborne

Love it!

One of my favorite reviews this week came from Jessirae at Words, Pages, and Books. Jessirae happens to be one of my favorite readers and bloggers (if you haven’t been following her Tweets about Temptation, you’re missing out!). Jessirae had a lot of incredibly flattering things to say about A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS including, “Each moment had me reeling. I wanted to devour this book at the same time savor it to keep from reaching the end. The action and excitement in the book was never ending. Not a single dull moment in this book was present whatsoever. The plot and build-up are breath-taking and heart stopping. There is no measurement to how much I love this book.”

Another reason to check out Jessirae’s blog is her one-of-a-kind Team Griffin button. It — and he — is smokin!

A great review from earlier in the month (but which just came to my attention this week) was from Danny at Bewitched Bookworms who called A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS a, “Fantastic introduction into a new world of Angels secrets, love and friendship. Wonderful heroine, smart and hot boys and so much more!! I’m eager to get back into this wold!”

Thanks so much, Danny!

I also loved this review from Kari at A Good Addiction, who said, “… Zink has created a type of story all her own, and done it masterfully. Vivid in setting, with beautifully written scenes and actions, this one will easily play out like a movie in reader’s minds, and setting them right beside Helene the entire time. The writing is stunning, saying so much in few words, and having a lulling air about it while also keeping with the tense and sorrowful emotional atmosphere that comes with the situations Helen finds herself in. This book is easy to get lost in, and memorable in many ways.”

That review made my day, Kari!

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to read and share their love for the book through reviews and tweets and Facebook posts and Goodreads reviews. You guys are totally my secret weapon!

I try to stay on top of good reviews (yes, I said it, because while I know there are bad ones out there for every book, no writer goes out of their way to read them) and to repost and help drive traffic to your blogs. But it’s tough to stay on top of everything, especially as I get closer to the release date for TEMPTATION. If I’ve missed your review and you’d like me to feature it here, please send a link to Rebekah at and I’ll try to post it for you. Any omission is purely accidental!

I’ll be hosting a Twitter launch party on Tuesday night that will include a Temptation-, writing-, and reading-related chat with prizes given throughout. Just log-in to Twitter at 9pm EST (party goes to 11pm EST). You must be following me and tweet with #atemptationofangels to win!

Lastly, don’t forget you still have a couple of weeks to enter the Ipad giveaway. There are lots of amazing prizes in addition to the Ipad, so what are you waiting for?!

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Awww πŸ™‚ Thaaaaaank you so much, Michelle πŸ™‚ Your definitely one of my favorites authors too <3 but you already knew that πŸ˜‰
I don't think my review could ever give A Temptation of Angels the real praise it deserves <3 It's just so amazing that I can't seem to get it out of my mind.

You know I'll be at the twitter party! Wouldn't miss it for the world. πŸ˜€ Only 3 days left!! It's going to be epic πŸ™‚

Thanks so much, hon! You guys have made this normally stressful time super fun!

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