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Things I Love – The Fever Series

This week’s Thing I Love is the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. And actually, saying I love them is kind of an understatement.

More like I’m obsessed with them.

I read the first book in the series, Darkfever, because I kept hearing people talk about it in my Goodreads reading group (where I mostly lurk). These people were CRAZY for the Fever series, so I decided to check it out.

Now I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much. I figured they would be a quick, fun read.

And they are, but they’re SO MUCH MORE. The world building is incredibly detailed and fascinating, the characters are three-dimensional and experience genuine growth and change through the series, and the pacing is dead-on, grabs-you-and-doesn’t-let-go. Moning takes the story everywhere you DON’T expect, and that makes you think, “Oh! Right. That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. How could I not have seen it?!” Part of me is so absorbed in the story while I’m reading that I can’t stop and the other part, the writer part, is thinking, “How does she DO this? How am I on the edge of my sit with unexpected things happening every three pages?!”

Basically, I’m super impressed that a series can rate so high on the commercial enjoyment scale and still have such great writing. This is one of those VERY few series where I found myself ordering the next book before I was done with the one I was reading because I didn’t want to go ONE DAY without knowing what was next.

One word of caution; this is NOT a YA series. It’s very much adult, and there are a lot of sexytimes.


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Told ya! And I agree, the writing does get better although it left us with a lot of questions. Did you hate Dani? V’lane was a surprise and the King/Concubine bit was so intriguing and exciting.

Have you read the JZB sex POV? It’s kinda cold, fast and furious because KMM wrote it while she was in the middle of some personal stuff. Get ready for ICED!

Will await for your thoughts on that. And don’t forget her Highlander series, Adam Black and the Mackeltar’s stories are pretty addictive too. Smexi stories that will make your heart aflutter. KMM knows how to make swoon worthy men.

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