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The Sunday Experiment – Uphill Battle

You guys… I’m clinging to my Sunday Experiment by a thread.

After working so hard last week (SO HARD) to meet a deadline, I told myself I’d take the whole weekend off. Problem was, I was running on 2 hours sleep from Thursday night and it totally jacked me up. I was in this weird manic, exhausted state where the words of the project I’d finished kept roiling around my head, even when I tried to sleep.

And it lasted all. weekend. long.

Then on Sunday I had another project I had to finish, plus I had to go to town to run an errand (something I normally would have done in advance to protect my Sunday off, but didn’t get to do because of the deadline).

So basically, I had this weird, exhausted, frustrating, sort-of day off that I didn’t fully enjoy.

Part of the problem, I think, is that I was struggling with mindfulness (my focus for February). I couldn’t seem to compartmentalize the things I’d finished and the things I needed to do from the time I needed to relax.

The other part is that I abandoned a lot of the things I’d been prioritizing to take care of myself. I should know by now that the 30 minutes I gain is totally offset by the diminished productivity I feel when I’m not taking care of me.

But I’m NOT giving up. I still have a lot of balls in the air, but I’m really going to work on getting back on track this week, starting with taking care of myself with yoga and meditation, both of which went out the window during last week’s crunch.

And I WILL get my Sunday off this weekend!

How are you guys doing? Is anyone still with me in trying to take one full day a week away from work and social media?


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I read about your Sunday Experiment every week. I really like the idea and for me it seems like you actually are quite good at it.
Because you notice that it doesn’t go quite as you would like it and think about why that is and how to change that. Just keep up and don’t let minor setbacks worry you too much! And if everything fails watch some My Little Pony and bask in the glory of the fact that someone turned sweets into a drug consumable by watching a TV series…

I myself am going to enjoy a more or less free Tuesday tomorrow. I just have to start packing for the university holidays and some friends and I have a much needed outing to the cinema (they managed to translate Les Mis into German. Took them 2 months and most of it are subtitles anyway…) I use days like that as a kind of reward for studying hard (well, more or less considering that me having to go to the third retake of the chemistry exam isn’t that unlikely).

We all deserve a reward now and then. I’m glad you give them to yourself. Enjoy your university holiday!

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