The Sunday Experiment

The Sunday Experiment – Figuring It Out

For those of you who are wondering, the Sunday Experiment is still on. I logged out of email late Saturday night after staying up until 2am to finish a project — the only way I could justify giving myself the next day off.

And it was so worth it!

I’m finding that I don’t always want to lounge around on Sunday, and that’s okay. I’m trying to remember that it’s a technology free day to do what I want, whatever that may be. Funny how even time “off” can make us feel like we “should” be doing certain things. But yesterday I was in the mood to get some stuff done on our property, so the kids and I pruned our pear and crab apple trees and marked the place where we’re going to build a patio around our makeshift fire pit. Then I watched Supernatural with Caroline while we had lunch (It’s kind of a tradition), took a good long nap, made homemade pizzas, and watched a documentary with the kids.

It was a great day, and as usual after some time off, I hit the ground running today, ready to work. I’m on deadline for an important project, but having time off next Sunday is a big motivator to get a lot done during the week. I’m working four hours a day on Freedom to keep myself off the internet (and typing this blog post with five minutes to go before my nightly two hour writing block). Fingers crossed that will do the trick!

Hope you are all getting some R&R when you need it, too.


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