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The Sunday Experiment – Extended Cut

Whew! It’s been awhile! I haven’t done an official Sunday Experiment the past two weeks, mostly because Rebekah was home from college for Spring Break, and I ended up taking a FEW days off over the past ten days. So really, I guess I did a Sunday Experiment — just on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.



Even though it’s put me behind a bit, I’m learning to embrace opportunities to take time off. I really do feel energized after stepping away from work — and technology — which makes it easier to view it as a necessity rather than a luxury. After some time off, even if it’s only a Sunday, I just work better and more efficiently.

As part of my mission to be more mindful, I’m slowly learning not to think about work when I’m not doing it. There are some exceptions; during transitional periods, i.e. driving home last night after dropping Rebekah off at school, I might choose to use that time to ease mentally back into work, pondering a plot point on which I’m stuck or a problem I need to solve in my current WIP. But it’s okay, because I’m CHOOSING to use that time rather than feeling like a slave to my unruly mind.

Most of the time, though, I just accept the times I can’t work. In the past, I would obsess about that time I was losing, the work I NEEDED to do. But being mindful is training me to live in the moment. As a result, I enjoy my time off more and come back from it ready to work.

Now we have about seven weeks until Rebekah is home for the summer. I plan to bust it during that time, finishing my current WIP as well as two big edits. Hopefully by then I’ll be ready to handle the challenge of balancing work with the slower, more relaxed pace of summer and the temptation to spend every second with Rebekah while she’s home.

How are you guys doing? Anyone else still with me in taking regular time off and away from technology?


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Hey Michelle 🙂 Hope you had (or are having) a good Easter, I get confused with times living on the other side of the world :P. I definitely agree with you about taking a bit of time off technology, and not stressing over things to much. These holidays I have told myself that I am just going to relax; spend some quality time with friends and family, and get some reading done! It actually shocks me how much of my time can be wasted just sitting in front of a computer! I am always debating whether I prefer having this in my life or not. When I was younger I would go outside more, and actually hang out with the neighbourhood kids. But, I also know that technology has opened so many doors for us! Well I guess with the good there is the bad! x

You’re absolutely right, Laura. It is definitely a mixed blessing. It would be very difficult for me to be without my computer and phone, but I’m trying to find a way to balance that necessity with the need for some serenity, too!

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