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The New Thursday Night Write

Before I get to the changes in TNW, I want to post the winners of the Katie Klein ebook giveaway.

The winners are;

Sarah Dowlin


Liz Reinhardt

Jose Antonio

Congrats, you guys! Email with “Katie Klein Winner” in the Subject line to claim your prize. Please let us know which of Katie’s books you’d like and in which format.

So I’ve been thinking about revamping or eliminating Thursday Night Write for awhile now. Back when I was able to comment every entry, we sometimes had 50 or more pieces. But eventually, I couldn’t keep up with it, and as my participation fell off so did everyone else’s.

After informally polling my TNW “regulars” the consensus seems to be that everyone loves TNW and doesn’t want to see it end, but they just don’t always have time to post something.

Ayla suggested we keep Thursday Night Write, but mix up the actual writing entries with other writing-related posts, which I think it’s a great idea!

So from now on, Thursdays will be devoted to writing in some form or another. It might be something simple like an inspiring quote or something more detailed liked writing tips. It could be an opinion piece or an interview with an author or bookseller. And every now and then, I’ll continue to throw in prompts or Open Mics so you still get a chance to flex your writing muscle for everyone on the site.

This week, I thought we’d start by talking about writing projects we want to try. Most of the writers I know suffer from an overload of ideas.

Too many ideas, not enough time.

I’m definitely in that category. Writing is one way that I can be daring, and I love to try writing new things in new genres (even if I can’t sell them all) just to see if I CAN.

So I’ll start by listing the projects I’d like to try and you guys do the same in comments, okay?

Here goes;

An adult thriller – in process

An adult mystery/thriller series with a recurring character – have something in mind for next year

A Middle Grade novel – have something in mind for next year

A high fantasy – I’m nowhere with this idea, but I’d love to try it!

A screenplay – Kenneth and I are developing something but I don’t know when I’ll be able to write it

What about you guys? What are some of the writing projects you’ve always wanted to take a crack at?



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I’ve written a lot of screen plays, obviously, but I’ve written a lot of other things too. Before I got into screen plays, I wrote stories. Sometimes novellas, sometimes novels, sometimes short stories or even children’s books. I haven’t done that stuff in a while though! One thing I’m not good at but would love to get better at is poetry. Some kind of epic poetry would be cool. I think playing with different time settings would be fun too. Like every week we focus on a different time and genre, like an 80’s romance or a Victorian thriller. And keeping up with the holidays is always fun too. That’s what I do with my students in the art class I teach. I pick obscure holidays too to teach them about other cultures. Oh, that’s another idea, if it had to be set in another culture that’s different from where we usually write about. Or sometimes the prompts could just be a conflict. I’m up for pretty much anything!

Hi Michelle!

This is my first time here on Thursdays! I hope I do this right! and THANK YOU TO MICHELLE AND KATIE!!! MUAH <3

Young Adult Paranormal Trilogy- in progress

A book about how evil my mother in law is- slight work in progress lots of ideas but I am to nice to take this one seriously…for now 😉

A book on overcoming challeges and extreme hardships, keeping faith, believing in yourself and true forgiveness- also a WIP, with my sons death, marital issues, and a slew of stuff thro my childhood is seems I have plenty of the challenges and hardships but I am still in action mode and still fighting the good fight of OVERCOMING…but I will not fail so look for this too coming soon!

Honestly I could come up with a gazillion more ideas and concepts, but honestly if I can finish the above WIP's I will be happy. I may not be done then, but it will be a start and a finish andI could live happily.

Well, I have a fantasy romance, a contemporary western romance under this name with Samhain, an urban fantasy and two erotic shorts stories under a penname name. My agent is still trying to get a YA sale for me. I would love to go straight up horror once, and a romantic contemporary YA if I could find an idea I loved enough. <3

Wow! Way to go! That is really cool. My husband told me to just use a pen name to trash his mom :0 LOL

Suprisingly, one of the projects I’m planning is a children’s book about what happens when Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny switch places 🙂

I have several finished manuscripts but here’s what I’m working on
YA dystopian fairytale–sequel to the book I’m querying. Still in planning stages
YA sci-fi–in progress (I’m in love with this project, btw)
YA contemporary–in progress, but sorta fizzled. I’m reworking the premise.
Historical time travel–planning stages. I need to do more research 😉
And a handful of short stories that tie to already written worlds or characters.
Right now, I’m trying very hard to focus on writing and not the agent looking at my manuscript 🙂

First of all, THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to read one of Katie Klein’s books!
I would love to be able to write more often. I love fantasy, and I have had an idea for a while to write or read a contemporary greek mythology-based book with a little romance. I want to write something with adventure and mystery.

I LOVE this idea Michelle <3 I'm so happy you didn't get rid of TNW, you know more than anyone how much I am in love with Thursday now that I know you <3

I have so many ideas that my brain feels like exploding, but here are some!

Paranormal romance that stems off of a short story I had published, called the Spirit Caller. It's about a girl who can speak and summon the dead.

A Greek mythology book about demi-gods, like the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

A graphic novel about a race of people who can control and manifest the elements.

A YA novel about a thought to be lost race of people who can control fire, like the book Firestarter by Stephen King.

A murder mystery series involving the 10 Commandments as the basis behind the killings, 1 book for each Commandment.

And the novel I'm currently working on is about the reincarnation of Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee!

I have so many more, but those are just at the top! =)

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