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The Cuh-razy Coffer of Carnival Madness!!!

Okay, so I promised something special for those of you coming to see me at this year’s TEEN AUTHOR CARNIVAL, and I’m here to deliver.

Behold, the Cuh-razy Coffer of carnival Madness!!!

Here’s how it works; if you’re at the Fourth Annual Teen Author Carnival tomorrow night at the Jefferson Market Branch Library in New York City, all you have to do is get in my signing line with a book, and you get to choose a prize from the Cuh-razy Coffer of Carnival Madness. There are an array of goodies on offer – all wrapped to preserve the surprise – including nail polish, picture frames, iTunes gift cards, body sprays, candles, lip gloss, Prophecy of the Sisters t-shirts, vouchers for free downloads of Whisper of Souls (the first of three Prophecy novellas which release tomorrow), picture frames, books (hardcovers, paperbacks, and ARCs) plus ONE $50 VISA gift card.

YOU MUST HAVE ONE OF MY BOOKS TO SIGN in order to play. It can be an ARC. a book from home, or one you purchase at the Carnival. I’m happy to sign anything else you want to bring and also happy to say hello and chat for a minute, but you can only pick from the Cuh-razy Coffer of Carnival Madness is you have one of my books in hand to sign.

And don’t forget! There will be TONS of amazing authors at the 2012 Teen Author Carnival. It’s always a blast with fun, interesting panels and ample opportunity to chat with authors and book people.

Hope to see you there!


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So I’m not exactly a teen anymore ( I’m 24, shhhh! haha) but I absolutely love your books & I’d love to meet you in person 🙂 I’m definitely going to try and stop by xoxo

I’d love to meet you, Sara! And my informal polls tell me my readership is split about 50/50 between YAs and adults, so you’re totally not in the minority!

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