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Welp, tomorrow’s the day! A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS will start shipping and I’ll be able to share Helen’s story and the world of the Keepers with all of you. I’m super excited and so hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I have a couple of updates for you about the release and the many contests and giveaways going on right now;

You can still enter the Ipad giveaway for a free Ipad, Victoria’s Secret goodies, gift cards, jewelry and more! Check out the rules here. Contest runs through the end of the month, and while there are a few people who have been going HARD since it started, there are plenty of ways to make up entries FAST. But you gotta get on it! Even though the winners (there are four prize packs) will be chosen via Random Number Generator, you definitely up your odds of winning something by having a lot of entries (last year’s winner of the Ipod Touch had the most entries of anyone, which I’m sure wasn’t a coincidence).

I’m still giving out free bookplates to anyone who pre-orders Temptation before midnight EST tonight (3/12/2012). A bookplate is a sticker (these are custom designed to match Temptation) that can be signed (by me, of course!) and placed inside your book, effectively giving you a signed copy. Just send your receipt and/or order confirmation or a photo of one of them to and include your mailing address and the name of the person you’d like the bookplate made out to. This is a double bonus, because you also get TEN POINTS in the Ipad giveaway for EVERY SINGLE copy of Temptation that you purchase. This means that if you buy one for yourself, one for a friend, and one for your niece (all of who will get signed bookplates), you get 30 ENTRIES. If I have bookplates left after today, I’ll offer them up first come, first served to anyone who buys the book in the first two weeks. So stay tuned!

Tomorrow night from 9pm – 11pm EST, Kenneth and I will be hosting a Twitter launch party for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. During this time we’ll give you fun tasks and ask you questions related to the book, Kenneth’s original score, and/or our conversation during the launch party, all of which will give you opportunities to win fun prizes! All you have to do to participate is log-in to Twitter and use #atemptationofangels on all of your contest-related tweets. To win, you’ll need to follow both Kenneth (@kenneth_zink) and I (@michellezink). This is the first time Kenneth and I have done something like this together, and it’s going to be a blast! Kenneth has so many interesting things to say about music and books and movies. I’m super excited for you all to get to know him better.

There are tons of other contests and giveaways going on for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS and other assorted swag, among them giveaways at WhatYAReading and Stephanie, A History. More giveaways will be added daily, so keep your eyes on my Twitter feed for updates. I try to RT them when I see them! I’ll also be posting a fresh round of great blogger reviews very, very soon.

And here… we… go.


18 replies on “Temptationpalooza!”

And your temptation phrases are very creative! (be tempted to launch, temptationpalooza, ete.)

I totally entered Stephanie’s contest as I’m excluded from whatchYAreading one.

Sometimes it hurts hosting contests you really, really want to win.


And if makes you feel any better, my kids ALWAYS lament that they can’t enter. They’re like, “An IPAD? *I* want an Ipad!”

I am so freaking excited!! I think I have entered every contest (I have horrible luck when it comes to winning with you lol) however this has been a blast!! I am all jittery already about how awesome tomorrow will be!!

Aw, Tiffany! You guys have made these past weeks leading up to the release SO FUN! I’m excited to share it with you!

Hi Michelle! Congrats on your release. I ordered a copy and can’t wait to continue where the excerpts ended.

I know the iPad giveaway is US/CAN only, but wondered if that’s the same for the bookplates?

Nope! I’ll send you a bookplate anywhere in the world if you buy the book!

YAY!!! I can’t wait for everyone to read it! The book is really fantastic 😀 I’m seriously going all out for this contest…I’m a tad obsessed, lol <3 -MadiganHeart

Well, I for one am GLAD. You guys have helped me so much in the promotional lead up to the release. Plus, I’m SO glad you love the book so much!

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