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Temptation Updates – and More Free Bookplates!

Hi, guys! I just want to share a few TEMPTATION-related items for those of you who have missed stuff;

First, I have to squee a little about a feature in USA Today on A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. I wasn’t expecting it to hit until tomorrow and was dying to tell you all about it, but I found out it went up a bit early when I started seeing tweets about it. So now I can share! You can find the article here, and I’m beyond excited to have TEMPTATION featured – plus an excerpt. If you would be willing to Share on Facebook and tweet from the article page, I’d appreciate it!

I also want to remind you about the Ipad giveaway currently in full swing to celebrate the release of Temptation. You can find the details here, but basically, I have TONS of awesome prizes to give away, including an Ipad, Victoria’s Secret Swag, gift cards, jewelry, etc.

And I have an announcement to make; I totally did NOT know Apple was announcing a new Ipad today. So I’m updating the giveaway to include a NEW Ipad, the model that was just unveiled TODAY. No old model for my readers!

There are lots of ways to accumulate entries and the contest runs through the end of the month. Some of you are going HARD, and I’m really enjoying the creative ways you’re entering, from Youtube videos to the HILARIOUS photos and captions that Tiffany is using on Facebook to get her point across. You guys are the best, and while I know the Ipad sweetens the deal, I’m super grateful for the help spreading the word.

Free bookplates – I’m still giving out free, limited edition bookplates to anyone who pre-orders TEMPTATION. Plus, you get TEN – yes, TEN – entries in the the Ipad giveaway for EACH copy you order. I think it’s a pretty sweet deal! Just send your receipt or order confirmation or a picture of your receipt or order confirmation to

Tomorrow, you’ll meet Anna in this week’s edition of Temptation Thursday. Anna is Darius’s love, and I’m excited for you all to meet her.

And this will be our second to last teaser! Because in just 12 more days, A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS will FINALLY be on shelves. In the meantime, thanks so much for all your support.

7 replies on “Temptation Updates – and More Free Bookplates!”

OMG!! You rock so hardcore!! Now I need to try and win lol I <3 the helping you and promo it rocks but I think the would be a life changing win for whoever gets it!!

I have 13 entries!! More on the Way! and Congrats Michelle for USA Today! You totally deserve it! Keep up the great work!

Thank you, Emily! Just be sure to email your entries to so Rebekah can keep track of them. You can email the ones you have so far and then email more as you get them, or you can wait and do them all at once. Totally up to you!

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