A Temptation of Angels

Temptation Thursday; Meet Darius Channing!

Two weeks ago you got to meet Griffin, one of the Channing brothers who, along with Helen Cartwright, are the only remaining Keepers in A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS.

Tonight I’m pleased to introduce Darius, Griffin’s older brother. When I see Darius in my mind, it’s like this (actor Jensen Ackles);











… except with a scar along his cheekbone, obtained when Darius was forced to defend himself and Griffin in a deadly wraith attack after their parents were executed. Darius is closed off and dangerous. He doesn’t think twice about pulling rank on Griffin, and he makes no secret about the fact that Helen is a complication they don’t need. Darius is sarcastic and acerbic, with only one very significant chink in his armor.

Her name is Anna, and you’ll meet her in two weeks. 😉

For now, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek from A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS (less than a month!)!

At first it seemed they were alone. Helen took advantage
of the moment to reach up and smooth her disheveled hair. It
was the first time all night that she had thought of her appear-
ance, but it somehow seemed important to impress Darius, whomever
he was and however impossible a task it might be,
given her dirty nightdress, bare feet, and sooty skin.

“That cannot be her.” The voice, deep and low, came from
a chair in a shadowed corner.

Griffin stopped in the middle of the plush carpet, very like
the ones in her own home. She had an image of the rugs in her
chamber burning, the carved bed aflame, the paint melting
across the portrait of her mother in the parlor. A spasm of loss
and grief almost brought her to her knees.

“It is,” Griffin answered. “At least, I believe it is.”

“Have you even prepared for the possibility that it’s not?”
There was steel behind the question, though Helen had no
idea what the man meant.

Griffin sighed. “She’s just a girl, Darius. And she’s cold and

“I should hope she is anything but a simple girl. Otherwise,
you have let a stranger into the house at great risk to us both.”
The shadow that was Darius continued without waiting for an
answer. “Never mind. Bring her here.”

She saw the apology in Griffin’s eyes as he prompted her
forward with a nod of his head.

Lifting her chin, Helen moved toward the chair. Dishevel-
ment aside, she did not intend to be bullied.

“I have no idea who or what you think I am, but I can
assure that I am, in fact, just a girl as your brother claims.” She
was relieved to hear the anger in her voice. To feel it trickle
through her bloodstream in place of the numbness she had felt
since escaping her burning home.

The figure in the chair rose to his feet, his face still in
shadow. She felt him survey her in the silence that followed.
“She’s too young.”

The simple pronouncement fueled her annoyance. “If you
have something to say about me, kindly afford me the respect
of saying it to me, will you?”

Darius did not answer right away, and Helen wondered if
she had gone too far. Anger seemed to flow outward from the
shadow where he stood.

“Fair enough,” he said, his face directed toward hers. “You’re
too young.”

She shook her head, feeling as if she had landed in some
kind of alternate reality. “Too young for what?”

“Too young to be who you’re supposed to be and too young
to be of any use if you are.”

“And who exactly am I supposed to be?”

She saw the tip of his head, even in the shadows, as if he
was considering his answer. When he stepped into the light of
the desk lamp, she saw that he was taller than Griffin, with
a fine scar running from his right temple nearly to his chin.
She thought him striking, and not as old as he sounded when
shrouded in darkness. His eyes, identical to Griffin’s, flashed
yellow-green when he answered.

“One of us.”


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I’m so glad! I’m having fun posting them. I’ve never done this before a book’s release!

I already love you but after this I love you so much more. Not only is this an awesome teaser, but you have Jensen as one of your characters!! I’ve been on a Supernatural high all week watching the seasons on dvd. Knowing Darius is pictured as Jensen just made my week that much more awesome!! P.S. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!!!!

You know how much I love Darius.

He needs his own book so bad. I love how he is so gruff to everyone…except a certain someone. Sigh. I need more Darius.

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