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A Week in the Life; Prison Breaks, Vegan Chocolate Chips, and Moody Skies

Welcome to my first A Week in the Life post, as suggested by Jana, one of my readers. I recently asked for things you’d like to see on my blog, and Jana’s suggestion of posting random photographs from my life each week received agreement from several other readers.

I’m usually shy posting about my real life, but I figure this will force me to use my camera AND open up a little more.

You ready for this?

This was my week in pictures…

The chandelier that cost me a day's work.


One of my favorite salads. I eat this for lunch more days than I care to admit.


A week of moody, beautiful skies.


A strange "prize" for winning a track race. O_o


Some of my haul from Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY.


Jessie the Dog after the prison break that earned me a citation from my town.


The lilac bush given to my by my mom before she moved away. It's blooming!


Still haven't resolved the debate over whether these chocolate chips are Vegan...


Not unusual to see this in the college town near the University Rebekah will be attending next year.


A rough week resulted in a decision to have two Fridays. We did Thai take-out to celebrate Friday #1.