Why Texting Blows

textingI admit it; I hate texting. Sure, sometimes it’s a necessary evil. Like when my kid’s bus is late coming home from a track meet. Or my daughter can’t remember if she’s supposed to keep the wood stove burning while I’m out. Or when my other daughter is in another country.

But most of the time, it’s just a pain in the ass. I hate trying to have long, meaningful conversations on my phone. Maybe it’s my sausage fingers, but I find it incredibly annoying to type out long messages on my little keyboard.

Even worse, I have to pause whatever I’m doing IRL so I can go back and forth with someone about something that would be much easier to discuss via email or on the phone.

Okay, I never have time to talk on the phone, either.

But still. I’m trying to live more in the moment, and that’s hard to do when I have to keep looking at my phone. Can we impose some kind of limit on texting conversations? Say, nothing that requires more than a two-line response? Nothing that we wouldn’t have time to stop and discuss in the middle of making dinner? Nothing we can’t talk about while grocery shopping?

Really this is just a roundabout way to apologize to all the people I owe text messages. I’m sorry. I want to reply in a meaningful way. I want to exchange thoughts and ideas. All of which means I keep putting off my reply, waiting for a time when I can sit down with my itty-bitty keyboard and poke away at the touch keys with my big sausage fingers in an attempt to give your text message a thoughtful reply.

I’ll try to respond soon. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if you get a one-sentence response.

Better yet, try sending me an email.