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The Best Kind of News is New Book News

Super excited to announce my new deal with HarperTeen. Can’t wait to share LIES I TOLD with you guys!


Jennifer Klonsky at HarperTeen has bought a new YA novel by Michelle Zink(The Prophecy of the Sisters series). Lies I Told centers on Grace, a teenage girl adopted into a family of thieves who move from town to town, conning the wealthy and privileged. But when they arrive in the affluent enclave of Playa Hermosa for their biggest heist yet, the foundations in her makeshift family start to crack. Publication is scheduled for spring 2015; Steven Malk at Writers House did the two-book deal for world English and audio rights.


Contests & Giveaway

And now, for something completely different…

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know I’ve been hinting at an announcement for quite some time. The truth is, I have a lot of different irons in the fire right now and hope to have a couple announcements for you in the coming weeks.

But here’s my big one for today;

Acclaimed young adult author Michelle Zink’s debut adult steamy paranormal romance novella, TEMPTATION’S HEAT, the first in a 3-book series featuring members of The Shadowguard, an elite group of assassins whose passion for forbidden entanglements may bring more than one of them to their knees to Georgia McBride at Swoon Romance by Steven Malk of Writers House for publication in Fall 2012 (World English).









There will be AT LEAST three Shadowguard novellas (the third will be out in January) starting with TEMPTATION’S HEAT and TEMPTATION’S KISS. It has been so much fun to play in this new creative space, and I’m excited to share more about my decision to expand my writing repertoire in the coming days.

For now, I just want to share the good news! The most exciting part? These first two novellas will be out on TUESDAY.

That’s right. THIS TUESDAY, December 4th.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page, Twitter, and this blog for more information plus awesome contests and giveaways. In the meantime, let’s kick off my announcement in style, because you KNOW how I like to give stuff away!

Winning this one is easy; just comment on the covers (here on the blog) thru Tuesday, December 4th, and be entered to win both novellas plus two more from Swoon Romance, Unwrap Me by Samantha Spencer and Carolina Jordan, and Captivated by You by Diane Alberts. Three winners will be chosen at random.

Super excited to share this with you guys!


Prophecy of the Sisters

Announcing Three New Prophecy of the Sisters Novellas

This week’s Friday Poll is being pre-empted by NEWZ!

From Publishers Marketplace;

Michelle Zink’s three Prophecy of the Sisters ebook novellas, Whisper of Souls, Mistress of Souls, and Rise of Souls, each revealing the back story behind the characters and the Prophecy in her popular series, one from the twins’ mother’s perspective, one from Alice’s, and one focusing on the world of Altus, for ebook publication Summer 2012, World Rights to Kate Sullivan at Little Brown Books for Young Readers by Steven Malk at Writers House.

The Prophecy world is a world that just won’t leave me alone. Even the secondary characters continue talking to me, and I can’t help wondering if I’m not finished telling this story. Which is why I’m super excited to bring you these three novellas. I receive TONS of email asking for more information about Lia and Alice’s mother, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that die-hard Prophecy fans are positively obsessed with Altus. Now, you’ll get both!

Most of all, I’m thrilled to bring you a story from Alice’s point-of-view. Of all the things Prophecy readers seem to want, that is at the top of the list, and I promise that Alice’s story, Mistress of Souls, will shed more light into her very complex character.

The cover for the first digital novella, Whisper of Souls, is above and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE it. It’s gorgeous and moody and perfectly reflects the atmosphere of Adelaide Milthorpe’s story.

I don’t have a solid release date yet, but I know all three novellas are slated for release this summer, probably in conjunction with the Circle of Fire paperback (which comes out July 3rd).

Hope you guys enjoy these extra glimpses into the Prophecy world!