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RUTHLESS on the Rampage!

You guys! It’s 12:09am and I still have A LOT of writing to do before I can go to bed, but I have to give a quick shout out to those of you reading RUTHLESS. After posting last week about how happy I was with my numbers, I’ve watched it steadily climb in the Amazon rankings.

Right now, it looks like this;


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 12.08.16 AMBasically, Ruthless is killing it at #1,182 Paid in the Kindle Store, #69 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Romance#277 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Contemporary, and #296 in Books > Romance > Contemporary.

For the record, I was VERY happy when it was hovering around 12,000 overall. This is far beyond my wildest dreams for a book published under a pseudonym in a genre that is fairly new to me.

There are a couple key things that have happened to make this a reality. I’ll share those in a longer post later in the week, but for now, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who is reading/has read/plans to read RUTHLESS, and for all of you who have spread the word and reviewed the book. And if you haven’t done those things and are willing to do so, I’d be forever grateful.

Now someone pinch me!



Buy RUTHLESS on Amazon

Buy RUTHLESS on Barnes & Noble

Buy RUTHLESS on iBooks

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Becomes the Color


Absolutely obsessed with this song and this artist. This song somehow manages to be sensual, thought provoking and slightly disturbing all at the same time. If you haven’t listened and/or checked out Emily Wells, please do so we can gush together.



I became the color
I become the daughter and the son
When the feast is over
Welcome to another one

Lay my body down down
Down upon the water
Wrapped up in the clothes of my mother and my father
O this is longing
I want to be complete
I was waiting round in a little jump seat
I had a hunger
A mouthful of interludes
You’ll do anything just to get rescued
I had longing
Isn’t that the key
Take take taste taste sweet
They said I’d gone south
I’d gone asunder
They don’t know hunger or what I been under
They were all laughing
Thought i was debris
I was just free

We were ready to behave
But there’s no freedom
Without no cage

Whatever you think you’ve become
Don’t worry bout it dear it’s where you come from.

O no no, save me from my misery
There’s no such, thing as living comfortably
There’s no such, thing as going home
I’m not formed of myself alone
All the other others they’ll just fade to black
When you think you have me’s when i don’t look back
Keep on laughing, callin’ after me
Keep on laughin’, I’m just free

We were ready to behave
But there’s no freedom
Without no cage

Whatever you think you’ve become
Don’t worry bout it dear it’s where you come from.

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This week’s song is an oldie but goodie.


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Walking This

This week’s song is courtesy of my latest Pandora station. Kye Kye keeps coming up while I write, and although I’d never heard of her before now, I’m totally enamored with the mellow, sensual sound.

Hope you guys like this as much as I do.

Also, I will have an announcement soon. *ahem*


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10/02/12 Music , Song of the Week # ,


Those of you who were recommending songs on Facebook today for the Song of the Week are probably going, “Wha?”

That’s because no one actually recommended this, but I came across it while browsing the ones you DID suggest and loved it so much I decided to go with it. So in a way, it WAS from you. 😉

Anyway, I love it! I’ll try to use some of your other recommendations next week.


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About Today

Last week, Kenneth reminded me about this song by The National after we watched WARRIOR, one of those hidden gems on Netflix that make streaming worthwhile.

The song played during the final fight scene between two brothers with a history of pain and loss. Standing in stark contrast to the brutality of MMA, I think it was a bold, interesting choice for that scene.

But also, it’s just an amazing song! Hope you guys enjoy.


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Say Hey!

Oh, my gosh, you guys… I LOVE this song so much. Because it made me smile! And dance!

And any smile that can make me smile and dance is a winner.

Plus, the video is so happy making, and I’ve never listened to anything by Michael Franti before. So thanks to Jessie for the smile, the dance, the happiness, and the new music.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

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No Light, No Light + Winners!

This week’s song comes to you courtesy of Melissa, one of my favorite bloggers and readers. I LOVE all of Florence + the Machine’s music, but this is probably one of my favorites.

Thanks, Melissa!

I also need to announce the winners of the Escape Into Books Super Summer Giveaway. *cue drum roll*

The winners of a massive summer prize pack are… Nevey and Christina.

Congrats, you guys! Both winners were chosen by the RNG (Random Number Generator). Please email Rebekah at with your full name and mailing address and we’ll get your prize packs right out to you.

Everyone else; stay tuned for the next giveaway. And in the meantime, enjoy this week’s song!


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This Time Tomorrow

Before I get to this week’s song, I have a few orders of business!

First, a big thanks to MTV’s Hollywood Crush for the AH-mazing review of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. Hollywood Crush calls Temptation “a heavenly read” so please head over there, share the link on Facebook, tweet the link, and leave a comment to show them — and me! — some love!

I also received wonderful reviews from bloggers Well-read In YA, Lauren’s Crammed Bokshelf, and WTF Are You Reading (one of my favorites for it’s mention of “no wing molestation”). If you read and enjoyed A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS and reviewed it on your blog and I’ve missed you, please send an email to Rebekah at with a link and we’ll try to post it for you here. I truly appreciate all reviews, bloggers or otherwise.

On a related note, if you enjoyed the book and haven’t yet left a review on B&N, Amazon, etc., please do!

I spent the weekend and the Houston TeenBookCon and had SUCH A WONDERFUL time. I wish I had pictures for you guys, buy I’m an in-the-moment kind of person and rarely remember to take them. I had an amazing time, though, meeting hundreds of readers and bloggers and hanging with so many incredible authors. It was a reminder to me that while I tend to be introverted and covet my alone-time, it really is good for the soul to interact with others who share your passion, even if you have to force yourself out the door to do it. As a bonus, A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS was sold out by lunchtime, which was pretty awesome.

This week’s song was posted on my Facebook wall by my beloved Caroline when I left for Houston, It’s one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it!


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A Temptation of Angels Playlist Song #10 – Be Mine

This is Griffin and Helen’s song from the A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS contemporary playlist. It’s tres romantique!


We only have two more songs to complete the playlist and then we’ll be back to our regular blog features, including Movie/Mystery Monday, Song of the Week, and the Friday Poll. If there are other features you guys would like to see, speak up! Bog features are a work in progress. It’s all for YOU, so if there’s something you want, I’m happy to comply.

On another note, I’ll be Rocking the Drop tomorrow by leaving copies of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS, and some other surprise books in and around my hometown. Hope you will all join me in celebration of Teen Lit Week!

Also want to remind you all that I’ll be in Houston this week for the TeenBookCon, so if you’re within driving distance, please stop by to say hello and get one of my infamous hugs (just say you follow me online and the hug is YOURS).

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A Temptation of Angels Playlist Song #8 – Firestarter

I can’t tell you how much I love this song. It’s a kind of anthem for me, and it’s also perfect for Helen and Raum. Embedding has been disabled on this one, but I want to give it to you anyway.

Firestarter by Jimmy Eat World

I hate putting up a link instead of an actual video, so I’ll give you Song #9 as well. Sowing Season by Brand New was chosen as the theme song for Raum’s redemption. This also happens to be one of my favorite Brand New songs.

I also want to remind you all that I’ll be at the Houston TeenBookCon next Saturday, and I’d love to see you all there. A ton of amazing authors are attending. There will be panel discussions and signings and all kinds of awesomeness.

I’ll also be at Oblong Books for an event with author Jacquelyn Delorme on Sunday April 22nd at 4pm. Oblong is a fantastic Indie in historic Rhinebeck, New York, and I love these kinds of signings because they usually provide more opportunity to really talk and hang out with the audience. Plus, there will be snacks! And free books!

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A Temptation of Angels Playlist Song #7 – Vices

I know, I know… Another Brand New song! But this one is perfect for sickle training.

I’m also pleased to announce Shelley Koons as the winner of the $250 bookstore gift card! Thanks to everyone who rushed out to buy a copy of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS in-store. And stay tuned, because I will continue to offer AH-mazing giveaways and will announce the Ipad contest winners on Saturday.


In the meantime, check this song. And don’t’ be turned off by its militant vibe. As with all Brand New songs, you really have to listen to the lyrics.

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A Temptation of Angels Playlist Song #6 – Hurricane

Chosen for the warehouse scene in the book, the sixth song on the A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS contemporary playlist is Hurricane by 30STM. I’ve always loved this song, and it’s a particularly good fit for everything that transpires at the warehouse.

Hope you enjoy it!

And don’t forget; you can still get an entry (or more than one!) in the $250 gift card giveaway by buying A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS in any brick-and-mortar bookstore — but only until Midnight EST tonight. So hurry!

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04/02/12 A Temptation of Angels , Music # ,

A Temptation of Angels Playlist Song #5 – Breathe Me by Sia

Oh, you guys… I have such a soft spot for this song. Those of you who know me probably know why.

For those of you who don’t, just listen and enjoy. It’s perfect for Helen and is labeled “Helen Goes Home” on the playlist.


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Temptation Playlist Song #2 – Search and Destroy by 30 Seconds to Mars

After posting the first song on the A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS playlist yesterday, I wanted to continue by giving you guys the second song, chosen for Helen’s escape. Those of you who have read the book will know what I mean.

Hope you enjoy it! And don’t forget there’s still a few more days to enter the $250 gift card giveaway for buying a copy of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS in any brick-and-mortar store as well as two more days to enter to win the Ipad and assorted other goodies.


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03/29/12 A Temptation of Angels , Music # ,

Temptation Playlist Song #1 – Noro by Brand New

This is the song I chose for the opening scene of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. Those of you who know me know that my adoration for Brand New if well documented, so this probably comes as no surprise. Still, it’s a perfect fit, and those of you who have read the book will know why.

And I always have to post lyrics for Brand New songs, because they are a true writer’s band. No one writes songs like Brand New.

I hope you enjoy it and that you’re all accumulating entries for the $250 gift card and the Ipad. Not long now!



Little light lead us through the night
And if we die burn down the forest
chariots, carry us
distance says we don’t care to walk

I’m on my way to hell
I’m on my way to hell

Why doesn’t anyone in Noro sleep?
Are they all just scared of their dreams?
When they lay down there heads down at night,
What are they haunted by?
Why won’t anyone just close their eyes?
Could it hurt them to rest for a while?

I’m on my way to hell
(Well I’ve tried, god knows that I’ve tried)
I’m on my way to hell
(One time, two time, three time)

Sitting duck
Running out of luck
And I caught up on the train crossing
How are we ever gonna know peace
How will I ever see a life through the tress
I wanna burn down everything we begun
I wanna kill and eat my young

I’m on my way to hell
(Well I’ve tried, god knows that I’ve tried)
I’m on my way to hell
(One time, two time, three time, again)
I’m on my way to hell
(Well I’ve tried, god knows that I’ve tried)
I’m on my way to hell
(One time, two time, three time, again)

I’m on my way to hell [x4]




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A Tempting Song and Three Tempting Reviews

This week’s song, Within Temptation by Sinead, is brought to you by Krystal, who recommended it as a good match for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS after watching the trailer a couple of weeks ago.

Love it!

Also, have to say that the release of a new book is always stressful. In the old days, you were lucky (or not) to read a couple of professional reviews. Now, authors are subject to reviews from every corner of the globe 24/7. This can be good. And it can suck hard. It’s totally part of the gig, and I get that, but that doesn’t mean the tough ones don’t hurt.

So far this week I’ve been fortunate to have three stellar reviews for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS from three reviewers I’ve long admired.

The first is from, who calls TEMPTATION, “… breathtakingly written.” She also told me on Twitter that she liked it MORE THAN CAKE. So, yanno, it doesn’t get much better than that.

I almost squealed out loud when I saw the review from Fiktshun, mostly because is having someone say, “This story was so utterly enchanting from start to finish that I did devour it in just one sitting” isn’t cause for squealing, I don’t know what is.

And then there’s The Viet Babe’s Blog review, who called TEMPTATION, “So engrossing and excellent, I couldn’t put it down.” Music to my ears!

So to these three bloggers and to all of you out there who spread the word about my work through your reviews, THANK YOU! Many of you are every bit as professional as someone who’s paid to write reviews for a living. I feel more fortunate than you know to count you among my supporters.

And now, go forth and enjoy music!


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Somebody That I Used to Know

This week’s song comes to you by VERY popular demand. After an informal shout-out on Facebook asking for recommendations, multiple people put this one up for consideration.

Who am I to fight the majority?!

Hope you enjoy this one, Somebody That I Used To Know, by Goyte.


And don’t forget that the Be Tempted Ipad Giveaway is in FULL SWING. People are going hard to help me promote, but with prizes like the Ipad, signed books, Victoria’s Secret goodies, Visa gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, jewelry, bookplates for anyone who preorders, etc., I can’t say that I blame them. You should totally check out my Facebook page, if for nothing else, to see all the funny things people are doing to help get the word out. I’m dying! 😀

And it’s not too late! The giveaway runs all month, and I so appreciate your help spreading the word.


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02/28/12 Music , Song of the Week # ,

Free Like You Make Me

You guys… I’m SO IN LOVE with this week’s song, Free Like You Make Me by Cary Brothers. You know that feeling of elation and meloncholy and discovery that’s all wrapped into one when you discover a great new band or song?

THAT’S what Song of the Week is about, and this one nails it for me.

It was nominated by Jeannie, one of my favorite online peeps, and I feel like I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. I’m going to look up ALL the songs by this guy right now.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

And P.S. Don’t forget to come back this Thursday for the kick-off of the MASSIVE A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS GIVEAWAY. I’m ridiculously excited to tell you guys about the Grand Prize, but I also have three amazing runner-up prizes. Stay tuned…

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02/21/12 Music , Song of the Week # ,

Just Breathe

This week’s song, Just Breathe from Pearl Jam, is from me to you. Sometimes we all need to just breathe. This is one of those times.

Love you guys.

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