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Advice for Girls

Believe it or not, boys are just as scared as you are.

It’s true. And as the mother of both two boys AND two girls, I have it on good authority. I can say with certainty that my boys (and all the boys and men I know) have had just as many awkward, embarrassing, terrifying, uncomfortable moments as the girls and women in my life.

The truth is, boys are sometimes nervous to talk to you. They wonder if they’re wearing the right thing or if they should get a haircut or if they smell after track practice. They replay the things they said to you in Trig. They talk to their moms about you (or their friends or their brother or their dad or their sister). They worry about getting you the right Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s Day present. They wonder if they should hold your hand or kiss you or if it’s too soon. They worry about making a good impression on your family.

And then, oftentimes they work very hard not to seem scared.

Try to remember that the next time you feel dumb or awkward or embarrassed or terrified around a boy, the next time he seems untouchable and hopelessly cool.

You’re in this together.