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Recipe of the Week – Smokehouse Veggie Burger

Okay, so it’s not exactly a recipe. But Concoction of the Week just doesn’t have the same ring to it.



One of the things I’ve learned to do since we became vegetarian is to replicate our favorite meat-based recipes in ways that are healthy and that honor our vegetarian lifestyle. It’s a fun challenge, and so far, there’s not much I haven’t been able to manage (pulled “pork” is next, which I plan to try with soy curls).

It’s been a recent revelation that you can do a lot with a veggie burger. You can make them the old fashioned way with tomato, lettuce and pickle. You can make a Mexican burger with jalapenos and spicy cheese. You can top them with sauteed mushrooms. You can serve them on rye bread with grilled onions, turning it into a patty melt.

One of my old restaurant favorites is what is commonly called a Smokehouse Burger. It typically comes with loads of barbeque sauce, onions rings (on top of the burger), and all the usual fixings. I’m not going to bother with a “recipe’, per se, because it’s pretty self explanatory. Basically, take your veggie burger of choice, put it on a great wheat bun, top it with loads of barbeque sauce, pickles and a few onion rings (I keep a bag in my freezer now and throw them into the frying pan after the veggie burger is done – takes five minutes!), and voila! You can add jalapenos, tomato, cheese (soy or milk-based) and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Side note; the right veggie burger makes a big difference. Back when we had only tried Boca brand, I wasn’t a fan. The Boca burgers are just too mushy for me (probably owing to a greater concentration of soy to grain). Now we use Amy’s Quarter Pound burgers and they are AH-mazing! They have more grain and less soy, which gives them a substantial consistency, along with a slightly smokey flavor. I’ve tried the other Amy’s veggie burgers, too, and I think they’re all head and shoulders above Boca (although the kids tell me the Boca Chick’n patties are very good). Enjoy!