Advice for Girls Life

Advice for Girls #2

girl_in_hammockDo something nice for yourself every day. Seriously. Every day. Taking care of yourself is the most important job you have.

Sound hard? Expensive? Complicated? Time consuming?

It’s NOT. Give yourself a ten minute nap, make a cup of your favorite tea and take ten minutes to actually sit and enjoy it, paint your nails, give yourself a facial, go to a movie (going to the movies alone is fun!), make something nice to eat, buy a new (or used) book or check one out from the library and take some time to read it, have the cupcake, buy a new lip gloss (or climbing rope or light saber), meditate (this is truly the best gift I give myself every day), STRETCH (doesn’t that feel GOOD?!), take a walk…

Just give yourself something you want or need every day. Because let me tell you a little secret; the times when someone else will do it for you are few and far between, and you aren’t doing anyone any favors by neglecting yourself. You will BE better at everything, and more importantly, you will FEEL better when you are taken care of. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.