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Superfan Winners – ALL of You!

So I was going through the Superfan entries, trying to decide whether to use the Random Number Generator to come up with the 50 winners or whether to try and choose them, and you know what?

There’s NO WAY I could choose either.

Your messages to me were so heartfelt. Many of you have been with me for years. You’ve convinced friends to read my books. You’re tweeted about my books. You’ve posted Facebook statuses about my books.You’ve left glowing reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads.

Basically, you have done everythign possible to support my dream of writing for a living.

In my book, you’re ALL Superfans. Which is why I’m giving Superfan prize packs to every one of you.

You heard me! EVERY ONE OF YOU. If you left a comment on the Superfan Giveaway post before Midnight EST last night (Friday), you get a Superfan pack. All you have to do it email your full name and address to We’re going to reach out via email to those of you we don’t hear from, but with so many winners, it would greatly help us if you could just send your email info.

It will take a few days for Rebekah to pack everything up, but we’ll get everything out to you asap. Thank you for all you do to support me and to spread the word about my books. I appreciate it — and you — more than you know. I can’t wait to share the A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS release with you very, very soon!


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Ahhh! That is so awesome! You definitely deserve all the praise you receive and much more! You have given so many of us ways to escape from reality for at least a little while and we thank you for writing high quality material that takes us on adventures!

You ARE WITHOUT DOUBT…..the most giving and wonderful person….and your writing,books and words are amazing <3

I agree. Thank You So much for the giveaway. You realy do deserve all the nice things people have said. You are an amazing writer, we would all be nuts if we didn’t at least try to spread the word about your books, I believe people who don’t read the prophrcy, and Temptation will be deprived of an excelent chance to dissapear into splendid fantasy worlds, where they can be storng, along with Lia, Devious Along With Alice, Journey To Altus and See amazing things. By the way Great Job on A Temptation of Angels! Not done yet but So far I’m hooked (Not Surprised) your work always goes above and beyond the call of Duty 😀

Wow! You are so generous to your readers Michelle! Congrats to everyone living in the US or Canada! 😀

Thank you! You are more than generous and really try to connect with your fans more than any other writer. I think thays what counts. You care for us as much as we care for you and your books!

You are beyond generous! You are a truly gifted author and I just wanted to say thanks! Your books have been a pleasure to read and I am anxiously anticipating all of your future works! A million thanks!!

Thank-you so much! This is why you’re one of my favourite authors… you do so much for your fans! Means a lot to me (:

Thanks again,
Cassidy (:

So I’ll I need to do is send my home adress again? because I’ve gotten postcards from you in the past so you do have my adress. but i can sure send it again.

Yeah, send it again, hon. It save Rebekah from having to hunt for it!

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