Sunday Experiment – Just Do It

I think I’m getting the hang of this day off thing. For the second week in a row, I didn’t even open my email or Facebook. And it was easier this week!

I started the day with coffee and a pastry, watched END OF WATCH with the kids, had an awesome homemade veggie sub better than any I could buy, took a couch nap, made homemade eggplant pizza (sauteed eggplant and ricotta!), played Scrabble with Caroline (we haven’t played in a long time so we both suck, but we’re determined to get better), and started House of Cards with a warm cup of tea.

In fact, the hardest part of this week’s Sunday Experiment came BEFORE Sunday. I have a project with a very aggressive deadline, and I lost all of Saturday due to a computer emergency with Rebekah that required a last minute trip to New Jersey.

Aaaaanyway, I’d planned to do a bunch of work on Saturday to keep me on schedule with my deadline, but it just didn’t happen. I was very, VERY tempted to skip the Sunday Experiment this week in lieu of work. But I talked myself out of it, because the truth is, there will always be SOMETHING.

So I reorganized my schedule.

Because I’d split the work up into daily goals, I had to redistribute everything based on on less day. Which, of course, means a little more work each day this week. But I reasoned that I’d be better able to tackle it — and FEEL better about it, too — if I had my day off.

Was I right? I’ll get back to you on that.



What are your biggest challenges in taking time off? Work? Getting sucked into kid stuff? Sidetracked by tasks around the house? Share here! And if you’re doing the Sunday Experiment, too, blog about it and post a link in the Comments section!


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My day off comes on Wednesday. No appointments but it has become more manageable now that appointments are every other week. Yes that is the day I choose to cook at my house but it takes a lot out of me when I have to travel to and from places. When I have bookclub I have to cook the night before because I learned its hard to cook before or after because I get home too late. But I can never truly take a break from being connected.

The taking a break from being connected part is the part I think I needed most!

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