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SAVAGE Cover Reveal

Savage_front_coverWith The Muscle Part Three wrapping up next week, I’m super excited to reveal the cover and blurb for SAVAGE, the first book in the London Mob series featuring Farrell Black and Jenna Carver. Those of you with eagle eyes and a great memory will be able to place Jenna from the Mob Boss books, and of course, no one can forget Farrell, my biggest, baddest — and dirtiest — main character yet.


If I was Superman, Jenna was my Kryptonite.

Farrell Black is dirty, dangerous, and holds nothing sacred. Growing up on the mean streets of London, he clawed his way to the top of a criminal empire with nothing but sheer force of will and the determination to need no one.


Then he met Jenna Carver, and all bets were off — until the day she walked out of his life without a backward glance.

Leaving him was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

As a kid, Jenna knew how people looked at her. Like she was stupid. Worthless. Poor. So she spent her life working to become someone else. Then she met Farrell Black, and their all-consuming passion blew a hole in everything she thought she knew about herself.

Until she was forced to make a terrible choice.

Now Jenna is back in London for her father’s funeral, desperate to avoid the one man who can banish her hard-earned reason in favor of red-hot ecstasy. But when her father’s death is tied to an abuse of power at the highest levels, she has no choice but to ask Farrell for help.

As they work together to find answers to a puzzle that could have dangerous implications, desire threatens to undo them both — and forces Jenna to choose between keeping the secret of a lifetime and possessing the only man who has ever commanded her heart and soul.

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8 replies on “SAVAGE Cover Reveal”

I just finished reading “Savage” (after of course reading the Mob Boss series combined withing three days… btw AMAZING BOOKS) and I have to say that it was awesome. Farrell Black is by far my favorite and most yummy male character, he is full of heat and I can’t wait to see the depth of this London mob boss develop in later books as well. Michelle St. James has me deeply hooked to her Mod Boss books. I’m a woman who grew up with Harlequin Romance novels so it is great to see such developed stories that are hot, hot, HOT!! I already pre-ordered “Primal” because I just can’t get enough Farrell, April 5th cannot get here fast enough!!!!

Loriana! Thanks so much for this. Sometimes it can feel like I’m living with these characters in a vacuum. Then I get a comment like this and I realize again that I’m sharing them with the world. It makes me so happy to know that they’re in good hands with people who love them as much as I do. THANK YOU!!

I have read all 7 books with these HOT mob men and I was so captivated with these stories I could not put them down. I’ve read all books within a week and half and can’t wait for Primal on April 5th. My favorite mobster though is Nico but Farrell really surprised me with how tender he is when it comes on to Jenna and Lily. It is so sexy and the best part is, all three men have now taken on the role of fatherhood and it is so HOT. I would love to see all three men come together again with their strong women as I believe this would really make for some interesting reading. Though they are very different personalities, they have quite a lot in common and I believe that a story with all of these personalities coming together as one family to beat the odds like they always do would put the icing on the cake and make a hell of a story.

Shaunette! Thank you so much for this comment. I’ve grown so attached to all my mob men, and I’m creating a big world that I can draw on in future books. You will definitely be seeing all these characters again! And I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that a good looking guy who loves his woman and child is the hottest thing of all.

Thanks so much for reading, and for making my day.


P.S. I love your name - I might use it with your permission!

Awww….that is awesome Michelle. I am excited, can’t wait (grinning ear to ear). All these HOT amazing men all together with their STRONG, SEXY will be HOT! HOT! HOT! You know how to please your readers lady, you are an awesome writer. Thank you and yes, you have my permission to use my name. I thinks it’s lovely too and the best part is, it’s not a common name.

You’re the first person to tell me this, Linda! May I ask what device you’re reading on? Let me know and I’ll send you a new books asap!

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