Life Music Prophecy of the Sisters Song of the Week


This week’s song is brought to you by Andrew, one of my favorite UK readers. I just adore Agnes’s voice, and her piano playing is just gorgeous. Reminds me a bit of A Fine Frenzy!

I actually had three different people email me with great song recommendations, which is funny, because usually I’m begging you guys for suggestions on Facebook and Twitter. This is a wonderful abundance of good music! You’ll be hearing the others in the next couple of weeks.

Also, a quick reminder that all three Prophecy novellas, Whisper of Souls, Mistress of Souls, and Rise of Souls are officially out. And speaking of abundance, the Circle of Fire paperback released today, too, which sort of officially ends the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy. Now that all three books are out in paperback, it’s a great time to read the trilogy if you haven’t already. It’s the story of my heart, and I feel so privileged to be able to tell it.

What a wonderful ride it’s been. Thank you all for sharing it with me.

And here’s to more great stories…


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