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Recipe of the Week – Chili Enchiladas

I found this recipe from Eating Well via Pinterest a few months ago and it quickly became a favorite in our house.

First let me say this; we LOVE Mexican food. One of the hardest things about moving from California to our small New York town is the lack of good Mexican restaurants. I quickly learned to cook anything and everything we missed from California.

Turning vegetarian was another challenge, because anyone who loves classic Mexican food knows that if you’re not using meat, you’re using cheese.

Sometimes A LOT of it.

And the kids and I agreed when we became vegetarians that we would be HEALTHY vegetarians, replacing meat with legumes, tempeh, and grains like quinoa – NOT cheese.

This recipe is the perfect solution. I was skeptical at first (mashed beans and Greek yogurt? veggie broth enchilada sauce?), but I’m telling you; it’s AH-mazing. Plus, it’s super quick and easy. I make a few changes to the original recipe as follows;

Use Ancho chili powder in place of New Mexican Chili Powder and halve the amount called for in the recipe (it was way too spicy for the younger kids as is). The Ancho chili has a really nice, smoky flavor.

Add a bit more Greek yogurt – about half a cup – to make the beans creamy.

Add a little water to the bean/yogurt mixture for easy spreading.

Otherwise, this recipe is perfect as is! Make it vegetarian by using veggie broth and vegan by omitting the cheese or replacing it with soy cheese (I’ve made a cheese-free version for someone with dairy allergies and got rave reviews).

Also, the shredded iceberg in the photo is essential! It add some nice crunch and also offsets the heat of the chili powder. It’s one of our favorite Friday night dinners.

Hope you enjoy it!


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Thank you for posting this;) I live in AZ and mexican food is of course plentiful and yummy – and generally unhealthy. Fried and cheesy goodness and all that… I am definitely favoriting this recipe for future use!

I used to live in Mesa and great Mexican food abounded. I miss that about the Western US. This one is much healthier, though. It uses very little cheese as written and you’d NEVER know it. If you make it and enjoy it, let me know what you think!

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