A Temptation of Angels Contests & Giveaway Music Song of the Week

Promises, Promises…

Love this week’s song, nominated by one of my dearest friends, Winsome. Winsome and I have been friends since fifth grade when we would sit on her canopy bed with the curtains drawn and listen to Devo and The Knack.

How fitting that she would be the person to nominate a song! Love her to death! She’s the one who taught me how to swim in the ocean and that clam chowder always tastes better on the pier after a long day of swimming.

And I have to say that I’ve never been a huge fan of Incubus, but this is very different for them. Really like it! Thanks, Winsome!

Also want to let you guys know that for tonight only there’s a promotion on Twitter to win one of the last three A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS ARCs. All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #atemptationofangels between now and Midnight. You can enter as many times as you like, one entry for every tweet with the hashtag.

You can enter to win an ARC on Goodreads, too, but only for about 10 more days so hurry!

Tomorrow I’ll kick off my annual Take Care of Yourself Valentine Giveaway. I have some awesome goodies for you guys, because you don’t need a significant other to have or do nice things for YOU.


4 replies on “Promises, Promises…”

Awww, you’ve brought tears to my eyes. What great memories! I love ya Michelle! I’m sending you a virtual hug & kiss! Xoxo

Love you back! You’re one of two people I’m still friends with from childhood. We don’t talk as often as we should (always my fault!), but I cherish you.

Michelle I think your right “because you don’t need a significant other to have or do nice things for YOU.” taking better care of ourselves will benefit our health and we should stop worrying so much about others and start thining of ourselves more. and nice song. but i’ll stick with my pop this sounds more rock

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