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Promises I Made Release Day!

PromisesIMade HC CToday’s the day I’ve been waiting for – the day readers will finally get to know the outcome of Grace’s story from Lies I Told. This books means so much to me, and I’ve already been getting mail from advance readers saying it’s my best book ye, the highlight of which was a reader who emailed to say, “Of all your books, Grace’s story is the one that moved me the most.”

Add that to praise from Kirkus – who called the book “riveting” – and it’s an understatement to say I’m excited for this story to be out in the world. I so hope you enjoy it! As always, please consider adding it to your Goodreads shelf and leaving a review on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc.

They help more than you know!


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AHHHHHHH It was such a good book but I needed so much more closure between Gracie and Logan. He was the center of her world in Lies I Told and in this books ending all we get is little hoohah of “Hope your life doesn’t suck” from both of them… I NEED MORE. I need more, I need an epilogue or novella, I NEED GRACE AND LOGAN TO BE TOGETHER 🙁

I had always hoped to write more about Grace and even Parker (in fact the series came close to a TV deal with ABC but was stopped just short of a Pilot). Maybe someday… Thanks so much for reading!


I really enjoyed Lies I Told. I read it the day I got it. I am looking forward to reading Promises I Told to see what happens to the characters. I will be encouraging my granddaughters to read it.

I loved Lies I Told, but Promises I Made just seemed so sad and heartbreaking. I feel like Grace missed out on so many things and want her to be able to meet her previous friends. I hope Logan and Grace get back together if Grace decides to go to USC. Is there any chance of another book about Logan and Grace in college? It would be so great. Lies I Told was so vibrant with imagination, worldbuilding, and relationships. I just wish they get back together.

Thank you so much, Manasvi! I would love to write more about Logan and Grace, but as of now, I haven’t sold any additional books about this story to a publisher. Fun fact: this duology was actually developed as a TV show. When it got cut from the running, I retitled it and the rest is history! If you enjoyed Lies and Promises, you might also enjoy my book A Walk in the Sun. It’s not suspense like this series, but it is a heartfelt story about grief, fear, and courage. Thanks so much for reading! <3

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