Pride and Parenthood

Most of you know that my son, Kenneth Zink, has been composing original score music for my trailers since 2009. At that time, he was just seventeen years old. Book trailers were a “new thing” and original music to go with them was even newer.

Kenneth just got better and better, composing an entire score for Prophecy of the Sisters as well as music for the rest of the trilogy and A Temptation of Angels (2012) and pieces for other authors. In the meantime, he developed an interest in writing and the two of us began working closely on a number of projects (none of which I can talk about just now). Music took a backseat to those projects and to his own novel (in progress) until friend and fellow author A.E. Rought approached him to create trailer music for her upcoming novel, Broken.

I blurbed Broken and thought it would be a great project for Kenneth. Something different and a little edgy, brooding, less classic than the music he’d composed for me. I think the resulting piece is an awesome backdrop to Anne’s trailer.

I hope you enjoy both and pick up Broken when it comes out January 8th!

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Kenneth’s music really does evoke the feel of the book, and makes the trailer into something unique and special. Of course I’m partial. I’m also one of the most picky b*tches ever when it comes to music, and what is going to represent me or my work. Asking Kenneth to do the music is one of the best moves I’ve made. <3

Thank you, Anne! He was happy to contribute to such an amazing project!

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