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Mystery Monday – The Out of Body Experience

The out of body experience is a catch phrase for any experience in which one develops an awareness of oneself outside of the physical body. Examples are lucid dreaming, near death experiences, and astral projection.

Yes, astral projection!

Many Prophecy readers don’t know that astral projection (featured in the Prophecy Trilogy) is a something that many people think is possible. In fact, some people believe anyone can travel astrally given the right circumstances, and the phenomena was well documented in many ancient civilizations like the Hindus, Amazons, and Inuit.

While some people attribute OBEs to chemical reactions in the brain, confusion with vivid dreams, and hallucinations, there are numerous reports of people who have claimed to travel astrally and were able to describe far-away places and events in great detail.

So is the out of body experience real? Who knows. But at the very least, it’s an intriguing possibility.




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I definitely think that the out of body experience is possible. There are so many unexplained things in our world, but I just think why not? I believe in all sorts of things like this, but i have always wondered what it would be like having something like this happen to me…creepy, but quite cool. 🙂

I feel the same way, Laura. I think it’s kind of narcissistic to think we have all the answers, especially when there’s never been a time when that was true, even when we THOUGHT we knew them all.


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