Mystery Monday

Mystery Monday – Parallel Universes

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of parallel universes. The possibility that another reality is existing in time with ours but just to the left or right (so to speak) has had a ring of truth for me since I was a kid, long before I’d heard any science jargon to back it up.

I mean, doesn’t it seem entirely possible that there’s something else going on – something slightly different – at this very moment just outside our view?!

Which is why physicist Brian Greene’s (author of The Elegant Universe and The Hidden Reality) theory on the possibility of parallel universes made perfect sense to me when I read it. In fact, his explanation probably makes the most sense of any I’ve read.

Basically, Brian posits that there are only so many ways matter can arrange itself inside the universe. At some point, matter would have to repeat itself, arranging itself in similar ways. Which means if the universe is infinitely large, it is also home to infinite number of possible parallel universes. If you’ve ever heard the term “multiverse”, this is what it means.

He explains it like a deck of cards; “Now, if you shuffle that deck, there’s just so many orderings that can happen,” Greene says. “If you shuffle that deck enough times, the orders will have to repeat. Similarly, with an infinite universe and only a finite number of complexions of matter, the way in which matter arranges itself has to repeat.”

Makes a strange kind of sense, yes?

Anyway, there’s a super interesting article about it on NPR, if you’re interested in learning more. What do you think? Do you buy the theory?

On another note, many of you know that I’ve been under a super-tough deadline this month, so please excuse the sporadic blogging. Things should be back to normal next month. For now, I’m imagining another me in a parallel universe, already finished with this project and drinking eggnog and eating sugar cookies while reading.


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Now, this is something that I find extremely intriguing! I’m 100% convinced that there is intelligent life somewhere out there, and I also strongly believe that parallel universes are possible. Very exciting theory from Brian Greene! I need to read more about it now. 🙂

Thanks for sharing, Michelle! ♥

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