Movie Monday

Movie Monday – The Debt, I Am Legend, and Jack Goes Boating

This past week I watched three movies. The first was The Debt, featuring Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, Sam Worthington, and Tom Wilkinson. This is a great movie set in the 1960s (through flashbacks) and today. It centers around three secret Mossad agents trying to abduct a known Nazi war criminal for the purposes of bringing him back to Israel for trial. When the mission goes awry, the trio make a decision that will alter the course of their lives and ultimately, mean a debt that must be repaid. I loved the coloring of the 1960s scenes and the acting was stellar. Mirren just gets better and better and Jessica Chastain (Tree of Life) is fast becoming one of my new favorites.

On Saturday, we re-watched I Am Legend, which I originally saw in the theater right after it was released. I forget how awesome this movie is, but it was at the front of the current Dystopian trend (and if you want to see the original, see the 1971 film Omega Man). This is a winner all-around – great acting by Will Smith, an of-the-moment premise, and a great score by James Newton Howard.

Lastly, we opted out of our usual Sunday documentary because after a pipe burst in our basement (and after spending all day Sunday dealing with it), frankly, I’d had enough reality. Instead, we opted to watch a quirky independent comedy called Jack Goes Boating. Phillip Seymour Hoffman both stars and directs, and while this wasn’t an edge of your seat movie, it’s a sweet story about love later in life – both finding it and losing it. It’s streaming on Netflix, too!

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