Make-Up Quandary

As a woman of a certain age, I can never decide if I like a chic red lip or a natural nude one. So I thought I’d do a little research and get your opinion.

Exhibit A? Charlize Theron;









Next up is Diane Lane;
















Lastly, let’s look at Gwyneth Paltrow!








So what’s the verdict? Tres chic? Or au natural?


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I think both are fabulous. Go with whatever makes you feel fabulous though. If a red feels to bold for an everyday look use it for special ocassions or days when you want to feel strong and powerful.

That’s kind of what I’ve been doing up until now, Nikki! I think I lean toward the red lip, but every now and then I worry it’s too harsh.

Never. If the shade is matched to your undertones and all that I wouldn’t worry about it. Rock that bold lip! For myself I tend to play up my eyes more and go for a more muted lip tone most of the time but that is what I like right now. I might change my mind in the future and wear my red more often.

I really like the french aesthetic, and I definitely lean to menswear-type fashion. That’s probably why I keep coming back to that red lip!

If it’s matched to your skintone and stuff and you love it than don’t worry about it. Rock what you are comfortable in!

I love both. I always feel like there are two of me that lurk inside. One me is edgy and sophisticated with a bit of glam tossed in. She’s the red .ipstick girl. The other is the girl that still loves riding horses and picking wild flowers. Totally natural. I think it depends on one’s mood when they get up in the morning. Like playing dress up, you get to decide who you want to be each day 😉

I feel the exact same way, Shelley! Except my natural girl is more Stevie Nicks/Earth mother.

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