Little Things

Little Things – Eucalyptus Spearmint Pillow Mist

This week’s Little Thing has been one of my favorites for years. Just the thing to give you that last little push into dreamland (after the Bedtime Tea lotion, of course!), this pillow mist from Bath and Body Works uses aromatherapy to deliver a light but heady dose of eucalyptus and spearmint straight to your sheets.

B&BW makes pillow mist in several scents, including Lavender Vanilla, but this is by far my favorite. Clean and calming, it’s just the thing to tell your brain, “Nighty-night, Brain…” without being overwhelming.

Because then it would be, “Night, night, Brain!!!”

And know one has time for that at midnight. Am I right?

Best of all, this bottle is only $10 and lasts 6-12 months, even the way I use it, which is, well… liberally. Every night when I sink into my pillow, I feel like, “Ahhhhhh….”

And I call that a very good investment.

What about you? What are your favorite bedtime little things?


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