I’m Back!

I’m baaaaaaack! WOOT!

After a very long ten days with no website and a WHOLE lot of stress surrounding the problem, the amazing Shawntelle Madison, author of the upcoming COVETED (Ballantine Books, April 24th, 2012), came to my rescue and rebuilt the entire site in just over 24 hours. It was the BEST experience I’ve had with a website developer so far. Shawntelle was easonably priced, super responsive (I got PROGRESS REPORTS!), and very fast.

What say we all buy Shawnteelle’s book in April to thank her?!

Anyway, things might look slightly different since the site had to be rebuilt from old screen shots. On the downside, we don’t have a Forum anymore. I really wanted to get the main site up and running before I worry about the Forum, but if you guys decide you still want one, I can look into having it rebuilt. It was a nice place to hang out and chat when everyone had the time.

On the UP side, there is now a link to the Prophecy Merchandise Store on Zazzle. We’ll be adding more products over time — including products for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. I’ll also be hosting a merchandise-related contest very soon, so stay tuned.

On the OTHER up side, information for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS and its beautiful cover are now part of the site, which is something I’ve been trying to make happen since August. So happy to have it up with my gorgeous Prophecy covers!

Anyway, we’re back!!! I missed you guys so much!
*squooshes readers in ginormous hug*


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Glad that you are back up and running. This site looks good. I will miss the fourms though. It was nice to go there to browse and add information. Maybe someday if there is enough interest you could bring it back. Again, glad that you are back up and running 🙂

I’m going to miss the Forums, too. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend there, but I sure loved our “regulars” when I did. I’m hoping we’ll be able to bring it back before too long.

Thanks for the well wishes!


I didn’t even know it had been hacked. I thought it was jsut down for maintainance or something. The forums were never that popular so I can undertsand why you got rid..

Actually, we had quite a few regulars on the Forum! People posted when they could, and sometimes it was just once or twice a week, but the people who posted did so regularly. I’ve already received emails from some of them asking me to bring the Forum back, so that’s something I’ll work on.


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