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How Do You Like to Chill

Since we’re getting ready to host 30+ teenagers from Rebekah’s future college class (SUNY New Paltz Class of 2016! WOOT!), I thought it would be a good night to ask you guys about hanging out.

Namely, how do you like to do it? I’m a small crowd person, in general. I like hanging out in a more intimate group of people, sharing wine and great conversation. There are a few exceptions – concerts and film festivals to name two. But most of the time, I like to keep it low-key.

How about you? Weigh in with the Friday Poll!


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2 replies on “How Do You Like to Chill”

I’m a quiet person and I like my peace. Like right now, I have a three day weekend from work and I’m going to use it to do absolutely nothing, but sit at home and maybe watch a movie. 😛

I’d do any of those things if I were even asked. But sadly I”m never asked to any kind of party. So Im wondering what I will be doing for my next big bday bash. it use to be house parties with the family and few friends now its just me, mom and gran.

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