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Holiday Bookplate Giveaway

I’m a big believer in making one’s own traditions. For a long time, I struggled to put together Thanksgiving dinner by 2pm because that’s how my grandmother and mother did it. I cooked desperately on Christmas Eve while finishing up last minute presents for my children because in our family, the big dinner was on Christmas Eve followed by a big brunch and leftovers Christmas Day.

I finally realized that those traditions didn’t work for me and that it was okay to create my own. Now, we have Thanksgiving around 7pm (or whenever it’s done), Chinese take out Christmas Eve, and a moderate breakfast Christmas day followed by a semi-big dinner that night.

It works for us! I’m SO much less stressed, and my kids (always rebels… wonder where they get THAT from!) love that we do something quirky like Chinese on Christmas Eve while everyone else is doing the traditional thing.

This year, we’re taking our unconventionality one step further by donating our time (as a family) to a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day and having our celebration Friday or Saturday. We’re all really looking forward to it!

Two tears ago I started a professional tradition by giving away signed, personalized bookplates during the holidays. It started out as a way for me to say thank you to my readers and ended up being a big hit not only for them, but for people who wanted to make an extra-special gift of one of the Prophecy books.

And I never like to mess with a good thing!

So starting today the tradition continues. Here’s how it works;

If you’re in the US or Canada, send your requested number of bookplates (up to three) to with the name of the person you’d like them each made out to and your mailing address. If there’s something special you’d like me to know about the recipient (they love to read or love fantasy, for instance), let me know and I”ll try to personalize a message for them. Please put “Bookplate Giveaway” in the Subject line so my poor assistant doesn’t have to hunt through her Inbox for them. Once I receive your request, I’ll send you the limited edition bookplates, custom designed to match the interior of the Prophecy books, in time for the holidays.

Easy, right?!

Follow the same instructions if your outside the US or Canada with one exception; you must send a self-addressed stamped envelope to me at P.O. Box 136 Burlingham, NY 12722.

I hate to make my international readers pay for postage. You guys mean so much to me and I really try to do as much as I can for you, but international postage for all my giveaways has become a big drain. I have to be selective about which giveaways I can open up to International readers. In this case, it seems most fair to offer the bookplates but ask International readers to cover their own postage.

I’ll honor bookplate requests from now through December 7th. A separate bookplate giveaway will begin after the new year for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS preorders, and if you didn’t see the custom bookplates on Facebook a few weeks back, let me just tell you they are GORGEOUS! So definitely stay tuned for that one.

I’ll be sending the holiday bookplates out in batches as I receive them. The earlier you get them to me, the sooner I can get them in the mail to you!




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It’s so generous of you to donate your thanksgiving to a soup kitchen! Our family tries to donate as much as we can to charity, and I love it! It is nice to know that so many people care about other more unfortunate than themselves. We do’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia, but I hope you have a good one! 🙂

This is awesome Michelle 🙂 I don’t celebrate thanksgiving or chrismast,I’m moslem 🙂 but my roommate do,she is catolic,it’s gonna be lovely present ever 😉

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