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Here I Am!

So sorry for the radio silence, guys. The last month has been extremely busy as I’ve prepared for Rebekah’s high school graduation and attended book events, all while under some very tough deadlines.

But Rebekah is officially a graduate (I can’t believe it!), book events are past until August when I attend YA Fest in Pennsylvania, and my deadlines are starting to feel somewhat under control.


Having said that, it IS summer, so while I’ll try to keep up with my regular blog features, I hope you’ll forgive the occasional lapse. I plan to spend the summer working on three new proposals (and getting back to work on my adult novel), hiking, sleeping, catching up on movies, and spending time with my teens (especially Rebekah who will be moving into her dorm August 23rd). In between, I’ll do my my best to keep up with Song of the Week, movie reviews, Thursday Night Write, the Friday Poll, and my Week in the Life.

A couple of quick updates;

You can still enter to win one of two big summer prize packs in the Escape Into Books Super Summer Giveaway. Entering is easy, and both prize packs contain summer essentials like a big stack of my favorite guilty reads, a tote bag, gift card, lip balm, body spray, etc. But it only runs until the end of the month, so hurry!

Also a quick reminder that the first two Prophecy of the Sisters novellas, Whisper of Souls (told from the point of view of Lia and Alice’s mother before her death) and Mistress of Souls (the highly anticipated novella from Alice’s point of view) have both been released and are available for download from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. It’s been super fun to explore these Prophecy stories, and I’m especially excited for the release of the final novella, Rise of Souls, which will let you in on what happens when Lia returns to Altus Island after Circle of Fire.

I hope you enjoy them!


8 replies on “Here I Am!”

Congrats Rebekah!! 🙂

OMG!!!! I AM SERIOUSLY LIKE DYING RIGHT NOW :p I am soooo excited to read them! Seriously you have worked so hard Michelle! You deserve much happiness 🙂

Aw, thank you, Laura! That means so much to me. I pride myself and my work ethic, so it really means so much when other people recognize how hard I work. Thank you!


So.. my google reader had smooshed those first two cover images together and I was all “Whisper Mistress of Souls Souls”? Why is it Souls Souls? What the heck does that mean?!

And then I realized that it was TWO covers and I was just having a senior moment. =P

I need to read these. I WILL! I PROMISE! I just need to have some time – likely when I’m on holiday in a month. 🙂

Well, the good thing is that they’re novellas, so they’re shorter than a full-length novel. I hope you enjoy them!!


Ahhh I need to read these so badly!!! If only I had a kindle :”( Oh well, someday. :):):)

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