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Halloween Candyyyy!!!

It’s October, and you know what that means.


If you’re like me, you can’t resist dipping into the stash before the trick-or-treaters arrive.

And you KNOW you have your favorites. Now’s your chance to weigh in. So what’ll it be? Mini-candy bars? Or are you more of a traditionalist? Or a health nut?

Weigh in with the Friday Poll!

And don’t forget you can still enter to win a free copy of Kenneth’s Prophecy of the Sisters Soundtrack.


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8 replies on “Halloween Candyyyy!!!”

I love my chocolate now a days but i also love my black liquorice.I am the only one in my family to love it. I’m too old for Halloween so Im not going out i haven’t been out since I was 15(I’m 20 now). But at our last grocery store visit we bought a box of candy just for ourseleves.

That’s so funny! Kenneth and I have been on a huge black licorice kick lately!

OMG I love black licorice its my fave even during christmas. we always get black jujubes and my granma says the black ones.

Normally I would say chocolate, but I cannot find any that I can eat and my new favorites aren’t on the list.

I like Pixie Sticks, Dum Dum Pops, and Twizzlers. =)

I can get chocolate any day–and quite often do. On Halloween, I like to blas to my past with Mary Jane’s, Black Jacks, Sugar Daddys… Don’t let me near the Nerds, either! <3

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