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Friday Poll – TV, Zombies, Dancing and Vampires

As most of you know, I don’t watch TV. When I say that, I mean I don’t watch it, yanno, at its regularly scheduled time. And really, I don’t watch it much AT ALL.

But the kids and I do watch exactly one episode of SOMETHING every school night after I’ve finished my word count and they’ve finished their homework. Sometimes it’s a documentary like Ancient Aliens. Sometimes it’s Dr. Who, the X Files, or Stargate.

Even though it only ends up being 45 minutes or so four nights a week, I look forward to the downtime. My only complaint is that one episode a night doesn’t get us very far on anything! But that’s okay, I’m REALLY trying to keep us at that level because I think keeping TV to the very bare minimum has been a big part in raising super creative kids.

Our newest favorite is The Walking Dead, though now that we’ve finished season one we have to wait for season two to come on Netflix. It’s got a lot of production value for a TV show. Plus, I keep thinking how awesome it would be to be one of the actors and act like a ZOMBIE.

What about you? Which TV show would YOU like to guest spot on?

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7 replies on “Friday Poll – TV, Zombies, Dancing and Vampires”

I think I’m going to say Dancing With The Stars, but as part of their ‘Macy’s Stars of Dance’ guest segments. That would be dreaming big, but super cool!

The ‘duh’ at the end of Doctor Who fits me perfectly!

Walking Dead is a close second for me. And Supernatural should have been an choice. (Then it would have a tie for first place.)

Like you I don’t really watch much TV. It’s not that my parents don’t let us watch it or anything, but sometimes it really doesn’t interest me. The only show that I actually do watch every week at the moment is Merlin (haha I know I’m a nerd) but I also love watching Pretty Little Liars which I have to wait till’ January for the rest of season two 🙂

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