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Friday Poll – To Eread or not to Eread?

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard Amazon’s’ announcement about the Kindle Fire, the tablet that combines an ereader with much of the functionality of an iPad at a $199 price point.

Of course, you DO get what you pay for, and there are things that the Fire won’t have that the iPad does. But it’s impossible to deny the appeal of a $199 device that allows for reading ebooks, listening to music, watching movies and videos, surfing the internet, and participating in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The device also has a touch screen and is in color, which allows for the reading of magazines, a big selling point for me because I hate seeing magazines pile up on my coffee table and hate thinking of all the tress that were cut down to print them.

This could be a real game-changer in ereaders, especially for young people, whom I think have seen ereaders as things for old people who read a lot. And in all fairness, much of this functionality can already be had in the Nook Color, but for some I haven’t seen teens rush to the Nook as of yet. I’m super curious to see if the Kindle Fire brings more young people into the ereader market. Teens will be able to read, listen to music and check their Facebook on the same device and at a price point that makes it a viable holiday gift.

Most of all, I’m curious of all to know what YOU guys thinks. So weigh in with the Friday poll, will you?!

And please note that there are two different polls for different age brackets. Choose the one that’s appropriate for you!

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6 replies on “Friday Poll – To Eread or not to Eread?”

I own a Kindle that I bought in July, and while I do really like it, I mainly read paperbooks. The new Kindle seems cool, but I have to admit that if I ever want to buy a tablet on which I can use the internet etc, then I will buy an iPad. 🙂 The thing I like about my Kindle is the fact that it is ONLY for reading, not surfing the web. ♥

I would love to get a eReader, especially the Kindle Fire. But I prefer to read the old fashioned way, which is reading paperback.

I have no plans on getting one mostly because I like books to be one of those things I do to take a break from staring at a screen all the time. Though I did download a kindle app on my phone so I could get the classics for free!

Yay! Then you’ll be able to read the Prophecy novella when it comes out!


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