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Friday Poll; Dresses, Dresses and More Dresses!

This is a picture of Rebekah, on her way to Senior Ball as I type this. At her high school, Prom is Junior year and is a formal event while Senior Ball is a semi-formal event.

It seems a little backward to me, but whatever. We got to buy two kinds of dresses over the past two years. That part was fun.

Anyone who know Rebekah knows she is a true girl-girl (in short, the exact opposite of me). She’s always been this way, often changing 3-4 times when she was as young as two, wanting to wear different outfits for different “events”.

If we went to get ice cream, she wanted to change first. If we went to the park, she wanted to change first. If we went to her grandma’s, she wanted to change first!

Not much has changed. If there’s an opportunity to dress up, Rebekah will take it. And sometimes she’ll make an opportunity if she’s in the mood (one time she wore a fancy dress to the store, just because it had been awhile since she’d had occasion to dress up). So she lives for time like this when she actually has a reason.

What about you? Do you like to dress up? What are your favorite kinds of dresses to wear when the occassion calls for something other than pants?

Weigh in with the Friday Poll!

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2 replies on “Friday Poll; Dresses, Dresses and More Dresses!”

Rebekah is so pretty 🙂 I have a daughter much the same. However she is girly girl and tom boy all rolled into one. Go buy her a dress and she is beside herself and has to wear it. She wears most of her dresses until they are almost like shirts because she loves them sooo much. If you give her a good mud puddle though she would play in it (after said dress is removed and pants are on lol). Cute post 🙂

That’s so funny, Tiff! Rebekah is very much like that. She loves to dress up, but she also has fun getting dirty, too. She does not, however, wear tomboy clothes (that’s me and my younger daughter, Caroline!).

Too bad we don’t live closer. I’m sure they’d be great friends!


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