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Friday Poll; Best Way to Spend a Snowy Day or Night

I don’t know about you, but for us, winter has so far left something to be desired. Alternately very cold and oddly spring-like, we’ve had a grand total of about an inch of snow.

But…. BUT! It looks like we might get a whopping 4-7 inches tonight into tomorrow morning. So we’ve got the woodstove blazing, chicken enchiladas in the oven, and a DVD (The Debt) on tap for the night.

Which brings me to the question for this week’s Friday Poll; What’s YOUR favorite way to spend a cold day/night/weekend? Weigh in with the Friday Poll!

And don’t forget that you can read the entire first chapter of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS by taking advantage of yesterdays sneak peek. Hope you enjoy it!


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9 replies on “Friday Poll; Best Way to Spend a Snowy Day or Night”

I’m really a combo of the last three choices–I try to squeeze all that in when it’s cold outside. We weathered the fire and are now in for some snow this weekend!! I am SOOO excited!!:D I’ll send pics if it really happens.:D

I really like skiing in the winter – Norwegians were born with skies on their feet, you know. 🙂 But I also like staying inside and do some reading or baking. I love winter!

Although that would be cool!

Seriously, though. I love winter, too. It’s never bothered me like it does some people. I just embrace it with all the good winter stuff!

Agreed, Laura! I might see how many I can squeeze into today – plus writing, of course!

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