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Creepy Cake N Bake; Not-So-Creepy, Crawly SPEE-IDER!

Here it is, guys; The Creepy Cake N Bake-a-Thon is ON! Rebekah and I took up the challenge of creating a super creeptastic cake in a bake-off with my esteemed fellow authors and bakers.

Unfortunately, we tend to do cute better than creepy – at least when it comes to cakes (as you all know, books are another thing entirely). I blame my weak stomach. You know you’re not cut out for creepy visuals when you lose your appetite watching an episode of the X-Files (or when you look at Saundra Mitchell’s Zombaby Bread or Brenna Yovanoff’s Cardiac Event – Blech! Links below).

Still, it’s hard to lament my lack of creepy baking skills when I look at our AH-dorable SPEE-IDER (you have to say this part in a whisper, like Megamind). Come on, admit it; He’s CUTE!

Here’s what we did.

Made two round chocolate cakes (I’d give you our secret family recipe, but then I’d have to kill you) plus one good size cupcake.

Used a bowl as a template to cut one of the rounds into a slightly smaller circle which we then placed on top of the larger one.

Placed the cupcake at the front of the cake to act as the head.

Smothered the whole thing in ganache, which if you’ve never tried it, is the food of the Gods. Seriously, you guys. All you have to do is take equal parts dark chocolate pieces (or chips) and heavy cream. Heat the heavy cream in the microwave, pour it over the chocolate bits, and let it sit. After about ten minutes, take a rubber spatula and stir this glorious concoction into the silky chocolaty goodness it was meant to be. Hint; the longer you let it sit and the more times you stir, the thicker it gets.

It’s better than any chocolate frosting you can buy, I promise. Plus, it results in the glossy finish you see on our SPEE-IDER!

We put the cake in the fridge for a bit to let the ganache set and then piled on the pretty pink Snoballs you see in the picture. Don’t ask me why we chose these. Then I’d have to tell you it’s mostly because they were pretty and they looked a little hairy.


Also, don’t ask me what’s in Snoballs. I HAVE NO IDEA.

After that we took two round, white Canada mints (why do they call these Canada mints? Do they only eat them in Canada? Did they really originate there? Inquiring minds want to know!) and Rebekah painted on the round pupils with black food dye. Those became our eyes, set into the cupcake (and if you press a little, it gives the spider little eyebrows).

Lastly we used a tiny piece of red licorice lace to make the mouth and black licorice ropes with one end stuck in the cake for legs.

Voila! Behold the… SPEE-IDER!!!! (don’t forget the jazz hands when you say this. Everything tastes and looks better with jazz hands).

Now it’s time for you to vote and possibly WIN!

Vote for your favorite entry by commenting below. You can comment on EVERY Cake N Bake post, one entry per post, for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble or an official Creepy Cake N Bake doll! Please include your email in order to be entered to win.

Trophies will be awarded on Halloween for the top creeptastic creations. Winners will be chosen by our special Celebrity Judge, Adam Rex, author of such deliciously creepy creations such as FAT VAMPIRE, FRANKENSTEIN TAKES THE CAKE, FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH, and PSSST!

Check the list of contestants and their post dates so you don’t miss any of the fun:

Mon Oct. 3 – Saundra Mitchell
Wed Oct 5 – Stacey Jay
Friday Oct 7 – Erin Dionne
Saturday Oct 8 – Sydney Salter
Mon Oct 10 – Brenna Yovanoff
Wed Oct 12 – Tara Hudson
Friday Oct 14 – Karen Healey
Saturday Oct 15 – Robin Bridges
Mon Oct 17 – Michelle Zink
Wed Oct 19 – Julia Karr
Friday Oct 21 – Victoria Schwab
Saturday Oct 22 –
C.Lee McKenzie
Sunday Oct 23 –
Emily Kristin Morse
Mon Oct 24 –
Natalie Zaman
Wed Oct 26 –
Stephanie Burgis
Friday Oct 28 –
Dawn Metcalf

15 replies on “Creepy Cake N Bake; Not-So-Creepy, Crawly SPEE-IDER!”

Consider alerting your healthcare providerโ€“
you’ll shortly be eating Snowy-backed Spider.
Enormous and deadly, it’s body’s a medley
of mismatching snacks; but it pairs well with cider.

I haven’t been voting because I want to see them all, but I’ve been commenting on the merits of each entry. I approve of this spee-ider! *jazz hands*
Halloween is a very kid-friendly holiday so we need some cuteness for the little ones!

Yay! You did the jazz hands. If you whispered, too, my day’s complete!


Normally large spiders send me screaming from the room, but this one is special because it’s a *whisper* Spee-ider! *jazz hands* And ganache has gotta be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet (Donkey says it’s parfait, but he’s wrong)!

Can’t figure out if the snowballs are supposed to be a hairy back or if my original thought (OMG cute baby spiders on mommy spider’s back!) is right but love the cuteness. ๐Ÿ™‚

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